HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich Situation is Unacceptable

It has almost been a month since HTC coldly announced that the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update had been postponed to an undetermined date, a situation that is devolved into something that is unacceptable to owners who have held onto this phone.

The HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update was originally supposed to roll out at the end of August, in Q3 as promised, but on the last day, HTC acknowledged that it would miss the deadline.

Over the past month, HTC has offered very little to ThunderBolt owners in terms of news about the Ice Cream Sandwich update, an update that currently has no release window. Instead of being candid or giving owners a Q4 roll out window or saying that the update is in peril, HTC has not been informative at all.

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The HTC ThunderBolt ICS update situation is a debacle.

That, to me, is completely unacceptable. That after a month of waiting for any news about the update’s whereabouts, there still isn’t any credible news about the update. What makes it worse is the fact that other companies like Asus are being completely transparent about these major updates. In fact, Asus posted on XDA-Developers forums today about Jelly Bean updates for two of its tablets.

It’s one thing to delay the update but it’s another to leave the situation completely up in the air after delaying it. “We’re working with Verizon on the updates” is not good enough. Lengthy emails dancing around the pertinent questions don’t work.

Just ask Motorola who completely changed up its Android update method with Jelly Bean. In it, the company promises to give owners of Android devices bought in 2011 $100 if their device doesn’t get upgraded to Jelly Bean. We’ve also seen it be extremely forthright with its customers, specifically, Droid Bionic owners who are also waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC should take a page from Motorola’s book.

All HTC and Verizon had to do was say that the update needed more testing to work out some of the bugs and the situation would have been fine. A delay because a company wants to work out the kinks is perfectly acceptable.

A delay that pushes an update into the unknown is not.

Anyone else frustrated?