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HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Beginners (Video)



Verizon has posted a series of videos on YouTube that touch on some tips for new HTC ThunderBolt users. The HTC ThunderBolt of course is Verizon’s first 4G LTE enabled device and that means that a lot of Verizon customers (and former customers of other providers) have probably made the switch. So, if this is your first Android device, it’s probably worth your time to have a look over these tips and tricks.

HTC ThunderBolt

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Navigation

The first of them includes some pretty simple but effective tips for navigating around your device. This video shows you how to do things like navigating to the different home screens, utilizing the notifications bar and a way to see the last 8 applications that you have used.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Finding Directions

This video touches on the some of the ways to explore your surroundings using Google Maps.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Browsing the Web

Browsing the web is something that you’ll find yourself doing often, especially when you’re zipping around at 4G LTE speeds. This video gives you an overview of the ThunderBolt’s enhanced browser and shows you how to properly manage extra windows, zoom in and out on a webpage and more.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Sharing Photos

This goes over some of the ways you can enhance and share the photos that you take with your device.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Using Social Networking

Are you a social nut? Then you probably want to have a look at these tips for getting your social networking accounts linked up to your device.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Email and Documents

If you constantly check your email using your phone, use multiple email addresses or want to learn how to quickly edit Microsoft Word or Excel documents with your device, then this is the tutorial for you. You can also check out Google Docs for Android which is another method for editing office documents on your ThunderBolt.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Creating Contacts

This goes over some easy ways to set up shortcuts for your contacts providing you quick access to your family and friends on your ThunderBolt.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Using Mobile Hotspot

One of the main features of the HTC ThunderBolt is its mobile hotspot software that allows you to share your data connection with up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices. This shows you how to set it up and use it efficiently.

HTC ThunderBolt: Tips for Inserting SIM Card

A pretty in-depth tutorial on how to properly install or take out the 4G SIM card in your HTC ThunderBolt.



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