HTC Thunderbolt’s New Official OTA Update Leaks Out

HTC and Verizon Wireless had promised a new software update, to be delivered over-the-air, to address some problems that early adopters of the HTC Thunderbolt have been experiencing. However, said update has leaked out early thanks to two ROM images–one designed for rooted handsets and the other for un-rooted stock Thunderbolt devices.

The full changes are not detailed, but the new update built into the leaked ROM image is said to deliver a number of fixes, including improved GPS lock time and performance. Other issues addressed include fixing the random reboots that users have experienced ever since the last OTA software update, improving signal strength, and more. There is also now a 3G/4G LTE toggle so users can conserve battery life by switching off 4G and connecting only a 3G network. This is also useful for users who primarily live or work in a 3G-only zone as it would definitely help the battery life on the device as the Thunderbolt won’t have to keep scanning for a 4G network to connect to.

It is advised that you read the warnings on Android Police before trying to install the ROM. The download links are also posted on that site as well. Basically, if you run a rooted device, make sure to download and update with the rooted ROM image as updating with a regular non-rooted image may brick your device.

If the risks are not worth it to you, the OTA update is expected to be pushed out to handsets on June 15th.

The HTC Thunderbolt was the first 4G LTE handset on Verizon Wireless.