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Huge iPad Pro Rumor Suggests Tons of New Features



The alleged iPad Pro has been heavily rumored over the last several months, but things have calmed down a bit. However, a slew of new details have arrived.

According to AppleInsider, the iPad Pro will come with all sorts of goodies, including NFC capabilities, a Force Touch display, USB-C connectivity, and an included Bluetooth stylus.

The NFC chip won’t necessarily be for buying stuff on the iPad using Apple Pay, but more likely to act as a payment terminal for receiving payments, which might make the tablet very useful at small businesses. NFC could also be used in the iPad Pro to easily pair accessories, like the rumored stylus that Apple is said to be making.

Specifically, the stylus would be able to recognize touch gestures, and would also come with numerous smart sensors in order to be able to perform “hover” gestures, similar to that of many Samsung devices. This would allow you to hover the stylus above the display in order to perform certain tasks without tapping on the screen with the stylus.


The screen on the iPad Pro is said to come with Force Touch technology, which essentially makes the screen pressure sensitive to fingertips. The pressure sensitivity is used for what Apple is calling “force clicks,” which will allows you to press hard on the screen to do one thing, but you can also also just tap on the screen to do something else, similar to how left-click and right-click work on a mouse.

As for the USB-C port, specifics on that are rather scarce at this point, as the sources didn’t say if it would be a second port option alongside a Lightning connector, or if the iPad Pro would feature a lone USB-C port that would replace the Lightning connector. It would be hard to believe that Apple would get rid of its Lightning connector on the iPad, so we’re expecting the iPad Pro to come with two ports, but we’ll have to wait and see what Apple officially decides to do.

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Unfortunately, no details were provided as far as release timeline, but the latest conjecture is that Apple will release the iPad Pro at some point in September, possibly announcing it alongside the iPhone 6s, which is also expected to be unveiled in September.

The price of the iPad Pro is also something that remains up in the air as to this day, as recent rumors have not focused on the cost of what a larger tablet like this could cost to consumers.

However, the iPad Pro will undoubtedly be a step up from the iPad Air 2, which is currently priced at $500 for the entry-level model. From that, we can take a guess that the entry-level iPad Pro will cost a bit more than $500, but an exact price is up in the air still.


That’s assuming that the iPad Pro comes with faster internals than the iPad Air 2 and more memory. Plus, the larger screen definitely adds some extra manufacturing costs.

Most of the chatter that we’ve heard about the iPad Pro has been about its design. The body of the iPad Pro could be just 7mm thick, but not as thin as the 6.1mm iPad Air 2.

Furthermore, the new tablet is rumored to come with stereo speakers, thanks to the addition of two more speakers at the top of the device rather than just at the bottom.

Perhaps what’s more interesting is that Apple may market the iPad Pro has a horizontal tablet, rather than a vertical one, seeing as how all of Apple’s press shots and demos are with the iPad standing up, rather than being in landscape mode. That will definitely be something new for the company, but it’s said that the position of the Home button and the front-facing camera won’t change from current standards.

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