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Wanted an iPhone 4S / iPad / Pair of Jordans for Christmas And Didn’t Get It?



Did you go on Twitter to complain about the lack of iPhone or iPad or Air Jordans or car or whatever you didn’t get? Then you might be in this song. (A highly NSFW song.)

Twitter user Jon Hendren apparently had a good old time on Christmas day retweeting the anguished cries of spoiled jerks everywhere who vented their extreme dissatisfaction at their holiday haul. Apparently a lot of people really wanted an iPhone 4S and didn’t get one, and apparently a lot of those people think that they were the ONLY ONES not to get the coveted device.

Same goes for not getting an iPad, not getting the right color iPhone, and not getting the new retro Air Jordans that went on sale just a couple of days before Santa arrived with his sub-par offerings.

Musician Johnathan Mann then set many of these tweets to music and put the video on YouTube. It serves as a sad commentary on American culture. Well, one slice of it, anyway. To wit:

Charlie Mercer: I swear, everybody got an iPhone 4S. I asked for one and I didn’t get it. Santa, I hate you. #iknowwhatiwantformybirthday

LilLeemUln: so they got me an iPad 2 & 400$, i wanted a strap & iphone 4s for christmas not no ipad2 & 400$ a strap & iphone 4s. fuck christmas

Lydia Rooke: Was i the only person who didn’t get an ipad? i mean i got a car but thats a different story all together :/

:/ indeed, Lydia.

Apparently the madness actually began before Christmas, with tweets like:

Cassie Leight: If I don’t get an iphone for christmas, i will kill myself.

Kali Moss: I swear if I dnt get the iphone ima kill myself.

In addition to singing some of the tweets Mann throws a bit of salient commentary into the lyrics.

What the fuck? I wanted a car. / Fuck you, mom. Fuck you, dad. / The economy sucks, but I should get what I want.

I must be / The only person / The only person in the whole, wide world. / 7 billion people, and counting / And I’m the singularly unique person / Who didn’t get an iPhone

This would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad. I’m sure that we’ve all had meltdowns in our young lives due to Christmas morning disappointment. When I was 7 I think I threw something at the wall because I got Astronaut Barbie instead of CEO Barbie. But, you know, I was 7.

Good thing we have Twitter to capture this snapshot of American culture. And YouTube so we can then make fun of it.



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