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iMac 8K Model Rumored for Later This Year



Apple recently released a new iMac with a 5K display, but a post published by LG says that Apple may be working on an iMac 8K version.

In LG’s post, the company talks about 8K display technology. LG showed off 8K monitors at CES earlier this year, but it seems that Apple may be working on an 8K product of their own.

The post says that “Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year.”It’s important to know that Apple didn’t actually announce anything of the sort, but it could be a premature statement from LG that the company was supposed to wait to publish until after the fact. Oops.

Of course, it could also just be a completely false statement from LG, but that seems a bit unlikely.


There haven’t been any rumors of a new iMac releasing anytime soon, but that’s not at all surprising considering that the 5K iMac launched just last year. However, the rest of the iMac lineup has yet to see a refresh, so the introduction of an 8K iMac would be the perfect time to update the entire iMac lineup.

Furthermore, while this isn’t an iMac rumor per se, the Apple keyboard is expected to receive a minor update soon, which would go nicely with a new iMac.

An Arabic version of the updated keyboard can be seen in the US Apple Store online, hinting to the possibility that Apple could be close to releasing a new Apple keyboard that would more closely resemble the keyboard on the MacBook.

This new Apple keyboard comes with a redesigned Enter key, controls for adjusting the brightness of the backlit keys (added to the F5 and F6 keys), and a power button in place for the eject key for CDs, hinting to the possibility that you may be able to power on and turn off your Mac right from the keyboard, but considering that Macs don’t detect Bluetooth accessories until after they’re booted up, we’re not sure what the power button will do exactly.

iMac Late 2012 Review - 05

The Apple wireless keyboard hasn’t seen an update since 2011 when the company slightly changed the labels of a couple of the keys, changing the Dashboard key to the Launchpad key and updating the label of the Expose key. Other than that, the Apple keyboard hasn’t received a significant update since 2009, so it’s safe to say that it’s due for a refresh.

After Apple introduced an all-new keyboard on the new MacBook, this has us wondering if the new wireless keyboard will also arrive with the improved design.

The keyboard on the new MacBook is 40% thinner than the old style, but the key caps themselves are 17% larger. It’s a better-built keyboard overall, though, with stainless steel dome switches instead of silicone (these are the parts under the keys). Plus, each key has it’s own backlight instead of a general set of LEDs lighting up the whole keyboard. This makes for a more even application of light across the keyboard.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when Apple would launch a new wireless keyboard or a new iMac. It could be one of things where they announce it at an event, which the closest one from today is WWDC in June, or the company could just randomly release a new keyboard without any warning, which Apple has done many in the past with smaller products, but we’re guessing an 8K iMac would get announced at a larger event.

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