In-Depth Hands-On: HTC One X and Sense 4.0 (Video)
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In-Depth Hands-On: HTC One X and Sense 4.0 (Video)



HTC grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday with the announcement of their new HTC One line of smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One X, One S and One V share many features and specs with slight differences in design and elements, such as the camera.

If this sounds familiar, it’s what Samsung has done with their Galaxy S line. Good on HTC for recognizing the value in this strategy.

I spent some time with the One series phones this morning. So far I’m impressed, particularly with the One X and with HTC Sense 4.0. Watch the hands-on video below for demos of Sense, the camera app, and the smartphone’s music chops.

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Design and Hardware

HTC One X Main

The three One Series handsets look similar, but not exactly the same. They all retain what’s usually good about HTC design — simple lines, comfortably curved edges, and solid, sturdy metal feel. Even the HTC One X, which is thinner and lighter than the HTC Thunderbolt, still feels solid and substantive in the hand

The One X is the flagship of the bunch and packs all of the high-end goodies the One Series will likely be known for soon. Chris has all the details and specs in his post, but of particular note is the 4.7-inch display and 8MP camera on the back.

HTC went with a white and silver color scheme for this model that looks nice but also means it’ll show dirt easily. It’s 0.35-inches thick and weighs just 4.6 ounces, so even with the larger display you’re getting a light phone that easily slips in a pocket.

The display in question has a 1280 x 720 resolution packing into 4.7 inches which means high pixel density, crisp fonts, and nice HD video viewing. That will come in handy when viewing images from the camera, which I’ll get into in a bit.

As Chuong reported, the processor inside the version we’ll get in the U.S. (on AT&T) is not the same as the one in the global version. Overseas owners get a Tegra 3 quad-core CPU whereas we have to settle for a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core. This isn’t a major hardship and the phone appears to run just fine. It’s just knowing what could be…

The reason for the difference is that Tegra 3 doesn’t work with LTE network chips. Until it does, no LTE + quad-core Tegra. Overseas they have to settle for 3G.

Whether dual or quad-core, the One X gets 1GB of RAM.

Though there’s a generous 16GB of internal storage, the One Series phones don’t get a micro SD expansion slot, which may disappoint many who like to keep media stored on their handsets.


Moving down the line, the HTC One S has the same specs as the One X except it has a smaller display — 4.3 inches — and will run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. The design is similar to the One X, though the color scheme is darker.

One thing to note here, and on all the One Series handsets, is the difference in buttons below the display. Instead of Menu, Home, Back and Search there’s Back, Home, and Recent Apps. It almost makes them look like Windows Phone devices.


Last is the HTC One V, which represents the “low end” of the One Series, though it’s by no means a cheap-looking, cast-off phone. The aluminum unibody design has a slight chin on the bottom that doesn’t appear to serve a practical purpose. However, it’s reminiscent of the first Google Nexus phone (designed by HTC).

Hardware differences are small and include a 5MP camera, not 8MP and a 3.7-inch display. Though they haven’t announced pricing, I suspect that the One V will appeal to the budget-conscious and people who don’t think they want a superphone, just something small and simple. They’ll get a pretty powerful device, nonetheless.

U.S. Cellular, Virgin Mobile, and Metro PCS users will get this HTC One phone, which again leads me to believe it won’t cost a lot.

I like the darker color scheme — I’m partial to black and gunmetal gray, myself. However, the chin bit at the bottom just looks extra and unnecessary.

All three handsets have a USB Host enabled micro USB port, which means users will be able to connect them to USB accessories and to an HDTV or monitor with the right adapter.

HTC Sense 4.0

HTC One X - HTC Sense 4.0 Widgets

These are the first three phones to launch with the new version of HTC’s Sense. Of all the Android skins out there, Sense is one of the best. (Only Samsung’s TouchWiz comes close.) As much as I like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it doesn’t always put important elements and functions right at your fingertips. Sense excels at this.

The biggest differences I noted during my hands-on time were how the One Series handles Recent Apps and Widgets. Plus the aforementioned hardware buttons.

Sense dispenses with the on-screen Home, Back and Recent Apps soft buttons to give back the pixels they steal. This is particularly welcome on smaller screens like those of the One V and One S. I know some of you will scream in horror at this indignity, but some of us appreciate real buttons.

HTC One X - HTC Sense 4.0 Widget Browser

Widgets are no longer integrated into the app drawer. Instead you access them the same way you do in Android 2.x, by tap and holding on a Home screen. The widget browser is ICS and does give a sense of how much space it will take up and how it looks before you place it.

HTC also added a drop-down menu so you can scroll and find available widgets that way. The list will also tell you where the widget comes from so you won’t get confused if you want to add the HTC calendar widget, not the Google one. Know the widget you want but don’t feel like scrolling through the hundreds available to you? Then search by name.

HTC also reskinned the Recent Apps list. Now instead of small thumbnails stacked on top of each other you get larger previews in a card interface. To close an app just swipe up.

HTC One X - HTC Sense 4.0 Recent Apps

Sense widgets we know and love get an update for performance and looks but remain mostly the same. The giant clock + weather widget has a new style, and there are even more clocks to choose from. Whoever loves the time over at HTC is still working there, apparently. I really like the picture frame app which has an animated mosaic of pictures you can choose from (including album art).


MegaPixels aren’t everything when it comes to the camera. You also need a good sensor and a robust app to back it up. HTC put both in the One Series phones. All three include ImageChip technology that makes even the most casual photographer able to take great pictures in many conditions.

HTC One X Camera

Users get a long list of settings ranging from white balance and scene choices to ISO and exposure, just to name the big ones. You can also take pictures in rapid succession by tap-and-holding the shutter icon. Plus, the camera can take still shots while it records video.

The showroom we were in had excellent lighting so it was hard to see how well the camera did in low-light situations. Still, the pictures and video I took looked crisp and didn’t have discernible noise. Shutter and autofocus are also really fast.

I like that you can edit images right on the phone and even apply filters before or after taking the picture.

Watch the hands-on video above to see the camera in action.

Music and Beats Audio

HTC One X showing Beats Audio

Back when I reviewed the first HTC phone with Beats Audio, the Rezound, I expressed severe disappointment that the Beats Audio enhancements only worked in the stock Music and Video apps. I wasn’t the only one. HTC must have listened because that’s not the case on the One Series.

Beats Audio’s EQ enhancements will kick on whenever media audio plays, whether it’s in the music player, an Internet radio app, or on YouTube. It’s still a set of equalizer settings rather than a truly fundamental change in audio, but it does produce nicer audio than the average Android device.

HTC One X Beats Audio Notification Tray

Though these phones don’t have the same music-centric push as the Rezound, HTC takes the music experience seriously. Their music launcher provides one screen where a user can access all of their music apps, be they for playing tracks on the phone locally or streaming from the web. The music Home screen widget also incorporated SoundHound so you can identify and tag a song to download later.

HTC One X - HTC Sense 4.0 Music Widget

Does HTC Have A Hit?

HTC had a rough year in 2011 and are clearly looking to make up for it in 2012. The One Series is an excellent step in the right direction. The real test will be when they launch and we see if the software runs as smoothly as the demos we saw today. Battery life is also a big concern, especially for the HTC One X due to the large display and LTE radio.

As for the design and HTC Sense 4.0, I see a lot to get excited about.

The company won’t talk about a release date or pricing yet, though Best Buy is taking pre-orders (no sense in waiting, right?). HTC also won’t talk about any other carriers, so Sprint and Verizon customers will just have to wait and pout. As soon as these phones hit the U.S. we will get them in for review.



  1. Drpaul

    03/08/2012 at 11:58 am

    Will Verizon have an offering with the HTC Onex?

  2. Malishaheen

    03/14/2012 at 7:57 pm

    yeah battery might be a concern

  3. Marouan

    04/06/2012 at 1:59 pm

    Which USB HOST adapter dud u use for testing? The one for galaxy s2 doesn’t work

  4. yarrellray

    04/07/2012 at 10:04 pm

    No expanded memory no swapping out battery I see at&t will have problems here. There LTE network is new and will drain that battery down real quick. Great device but just not enough internal memory. If I was going to roll with any HTC device today it would have to be the HTC EVO 4G LTE because of expanded card slot option and bigger battery. Case closed here glad I don’t have to make these choices I roll with my GALAXY NEXUS on Verizon.

  5. Don

    05/10/2012 at 10:34 pm

    The HTC One X does NOT support USB Host mode by default as claimed in this article.

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UFC Jones vs Reyes ESPN+ PPV Problems

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CES 2020

Best of CES 2020: 16 Things You’ll Want to Buy This Year



Here are our picks for the best technology from CES 2020 in Las Vegas. These are the standouts after taking a look at hundreds of new products and services on the show floor. Each of the below earned Gotta Be Mobile’s Best of CES 2020 Excellence Awards.

We confidently recommend all 16 of the winning products without hesitation and have them on our own wish lists. While these products range in price dramatically, all of them are great values.

The Gotta Be Mobile team congratulates everyone responsible for designing, producing and brining these stand-out products to market.

Best of CES 2020

  1. Dell XPS 13
  2. Lenovo X1 Fold
  3. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight
  4. Razer Kishi
  5. 2020 Vizio M Series
  6. HyperX Switch ChargePlay Clutch
  7. LineDock 16
  8. TCL Alto 9+ Soundbar
  9. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
  10. Mophie Powerstation Go
  11. Insta360 ONE R
  12. Speck Presidio2
  13. HP Envy 32 All-in-One
  14. iFrogz Airtime Sport
  15. Jeep Wrangler 4XE PHEV
  16. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

Dell XPS 13

Dell redesigned the XPS 13, making the 2020 even slimmer and sleeker than earlier versions. The Infinity Edge Display is gorgeous and its nearly invisible bezels are one reason why Dell can cram a 13.4″ display into a laptop the size of some 11″ laptops.

Starting at $999, the new XPS 13 is a great starting point for those looking for a premium laptop.

Lenovo X1 Fold

If you’ve ever wondered what computers will look like in the future, just take a look at Lenovo X1 Fold. The X1 Folds set a new standard in mobile computing.

Those lucky enough to get the X1 Fold are going to turn heads every time they step into a meeting. The X1 Fold will be available later this year, starting at $2,499.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight takes all the pain out of installing a floodlight camera. There are no wires, so you can put it anywhere around your home or business.

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is bright, it records in 2K and it comes with all the awesome Arlo Smart features so you know if the motion is a person, animal, vehicle or a package.

Arlo’s Pro 3 Floodlight arrives this spring for $249.99.

Razer Kishi

The Razer Kishi connects to your phone and allows you to play mobile games with an excellent controller. This is available for Android today, and soon for iPhone.

It’s the must-have accessory for mobile gamers who love Black Desert, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or Fortnite. It will also be a great accessory for Project X Cloud and other streaming services.

Razer’s Kishi launches in early 2020. The exact price isn’t known, bur we expect it to land around $100.

2020 Vizio M Series

The 2020 Vizio M Series Quantum looks amazing and with more local dimming zones, a smarter and faster processor and the addition of an Auto Game Mode, it’ll be the 4K TV that shoppers are looking to buy this year.

HyperX Switch ChargePlay Clutch

The HyperX Switch ChargePlay Clutch is an awesome Nintendo Switch battery case with a 6,000 mAh battery, a kickstand and it’s more ergonomic for longer play.

You can also detach the edges and make a more comfortable controller with just the joy-cons when you want to play on a table top.

The HyperX Switch ChargePlay Clutch retails for $59.99.

LineDock 16

The Linedock 16 is an elegant USB-C dock unlike any other. Shaped and styled just like your MacBook Pro, this all-in-one is a 10 port dock, doubles your Mac battery life, not to mention expandable (and user-upgradeable) storage up to 2TB.

Linedock for the 15 and 16-inch MacBook Pro offers 3 USB-C ports, 3 USB-A ports, 2 UHS-II slots, 2 HDMI ports and passive cooling. Stop living the dongle life.

The new LineDock launches later this year.

TCL Alto 9+ Soundbar

The TCL Alto 9+ Soundbar with Ray-Danz technology and Roku integration is an amazing option to get great sound with Dolby Atmos and no need to put any satellite speakers in the living room.

This is the perfect soundbar if you want better sound and you don’t have a square living room this is what you need in your home.

The TCL Alto 9+ ships sometime in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook might be the most beautiful laptop we’ve ever used, and we thought that before we saw the stunning 13.3-inch 4K display.

It combines an ultra-sleek design with powerful internals we usually only see in top-tier Windows machines.

It’s Samsung’s first Galaxy-branded Chromebook, which means it’s high-end, packs an integrated S-Pen stylus, and won’t be cheap. Coming at $999 later this year it’s expensive for a Chromebook, but it sure is pretty.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook launches sometime later this year.

Mophie Powerstation Go

The Mophie Powerstation Go is an awesome portable charger that can charge your phone, your laptop and even jump-start your car or SUV.

There’s even a wireless charger on the top. This is the perfect device to keep in your car or your bag.

You can buy the Powerstation Go through ZAGG’s website right now.

Insta360 ONE R

The Insta360 One R is a fresh take on action camera. In its base form, The Insta360 One R is a $299 4K action camera, but that’s just the beginning. Add a twin camera and you’re ready to shoot 5.7K, 360-degree video that’s stabilized flawlessly.

Insta360’s software digitally erases optional selfie sticks and mounts, allowing weekend warriors to shoot seemingly impossible action shots. If you want the best image quality and low-light performance, opt for the 5.3K, one-inch sensor module for an extra $549.

Speck Presidio2

The Speck Presidio2 Cloud Armor technology offers up to 13 feet of drop protection in a slim case that looks great. Forget using a clunky case to keep your phone safe and opt for the new standard in smartphone protection.

The Speck Presidio32 launches this spring.

HP Envy 32 All-in-One

The HP Envy 32 AIO is a multimedia workhorse with a stunning 4K display, an incredibly loud Bang & Olufsen soundbar, and powerful NVIDIA graphics. The computer’s design is perfect for the home office, but it will fit into any room with a modern interior.

Those who have sworn off desktop PCs in favor of notebooks and tablets may just reconsider once they see the HP Envy 32 AIO in person.

You can buy the HP Envy 32 All-in-One right now. It starts at $1599.99.

iFrogz Airtime Sport

The iFrogz Airtime Sport headphones offer high need features that you’d normally pay hundreds for.

For $79.99 (or less) you get sweat proof true wireless ear buds, a wires charging case with USB-C and a workout ready design.

Jeep Wrangler 4XE PHEV

The new Jeep Wrangler 4XE plug-in hybrid vehicle offers the best of both worlds you can plug-in for what will likely be about 30 miles of range plus you’re still Trail Rated you get all the Jeep Wrangler features that you know and love.

We are still waiting on final specs and performance numbers, but this is definitely an exciting addition to the Jeep lineup.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

Lenovo’s Duet Chromebook is a fantastic value for anyone looking for a sleek Chromebook without breaking the bank.

At just $279, the Duet Chromebook comes with a detachable keyboard and a protective cover that doubles as a kickstand. Its looks and versatility are a lot more intriguing than the boring plastic Chromebooks that are about the same price.

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CES 2020

Most Exciting Tech & Gadgets of 2020



The most exciting tech of 2020 is making waves at CES 2020 where companies are showing off the latest and greatest phones, laptops, tablets, smart home gadgets, accessories, and TVs.

We’ve been scouring the halls of CES 2020 to find the coolest tech of the year, including some that are on sale right now and more that are coming very soon.

We’ll be updating this page with more items as we see more of CES 2020.

2020 Vizio M Series

The 2020 Vizio M Series TVs feature a new IQ processor for better image quality, a ProGaming Engine that delivers better motion clarity, and a new Auto Game Mode that switches to the best gaming performance when you start a game on PS4 or Xbox One and then switches back to the best mode for watching when you want to kick back and watch a movie or TV show.

The M series offers a ton of value and is consistently one of the best values for new TV buyers.


In addition to these updates, Vizio’s also confirmed its first TV with an OLED panel.

The company’s OLED-powered TV is available in two sizes, 55-inches and 65-inches, and comes with the perks you’d expect from a flagship OLED television: vibrant colors and true blacks.

These TVs will also get VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and 4K at 120Hz making it the ideal choice for those who want outstanding performance.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

The ThinkPad X1 Fold is a foldable laptop and tablet.

The ThinkPad X1 Fold is a foldable laptop and tablet.

The future is here and you can now buy a folding laptop with a 13.3-inch display.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold closes to the size of a hardback book, and unfolds to a super portable laptop, or all the way to a 13.3-inch tablet that stands up with the built-in kickstand. The included keyboard and you can connect it to an external display in your office.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is a completely wireless floodlight.

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is a completely wireless floodlight.

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is the first wire-free floodlight camera on the market. It’s especially exciting for people who aren’t replacing a traditional floodlight.

The LED panel offers a bright floodlight and you get a camera that can record in 2K with HDR. There’s color night vision, 160-degree field of view and you also get a siren as well as two-way audio.

There’s also a rechargeable battery so you can easily keep your floodlight charged up.

Speck Presidio2

The new Speck Presidio2 case uses airbags to keep your phone safe.

The new Speck Presidio2 case uses airbags to keep your phone safe.

The new Presidio2 Armor Cloud Technology iPhone cases use air capsules throughout the edge of the case to flex and suspend the phone when you drop it, keeping the phone safe. Even with a slim design, it’s rated for 13 feet of drop protection.

Lenovo Smart Frame

The Lenovo Smart Frame is an amazing new smart picture frame that can show your photos or artwork. You can also switch through the photos with gestures.

The frame is beautiful, works in landscape or portrait and uses a handy mounting system. It’s only $399, which is an impressive price point.

Jabra Elite 75t Active

New waterproof true wireless earbuds from Jabra.

New waterproof true wireless earbuds from Jabra.

The Jabra Elite 75t Active is a smaller, longer-lasting true wireless earbud that replaces the Elite 65t Active with a new design.

These are rated IP57 waterproof and they come with a two-year warranty that includes water protection. You can also block the noise out or turn on HearThrough to hear what is going on around you.

They’re coming February 2020 for $199.


The TCL Mini LED display is an exciting tech addition for 2020.

The TCL Mini LED display is an exciting tech addition for 2020.

TCL showed off the Vidrian Mini-LED TVs at CES 2020 with thousands of LEDs in a clear glass that uses advanced backlighting to deliver the more immersive viewing experiences.

This setup should deliver an impressive contrast and brightness. TCL also promises accurate colors and profiles for movie watching and fast-responsive modes for gamers.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The Chromebook announcements keep coming at CES 2020 and Samsung’s joined the party with an all-new Galaxy Chromebook.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, which arrives sometime in the first quarter of 2020, comes with everything you’d expect from a high-end laptop in 2020.

The device features a beautiful 13.3-inch 4K AMOLED display that rotates 360 degrees, Intel’s 10th Gen Core-i5 Processor, expandable storage, a fingerprint sensor, S Pen stylus, and two USB-C ports.

It’s not cheap, it starts at $999, but you’ll certainly want to keep tabs on it if you’ll be in the market for a new laptop in early 2020.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

Lenovo’s also debuted a Chromebook of its own and the IdeaPad Duet is also worth a look if you’re thinking about ditching MacOS or Windows for Chrome OS.

The IdeaPad Duet Chromebook features a detachable 10.1-inch display (with a keyboard base in the box, we might add),  a USB-C port, MediaTek Helio P60T processor, 7,180 mAh battery, and plenty of RAM and internal storage.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this device is the price point. Lenovo’s new Chromebook starts at just $279, much cheaper than many of its rivals.

It launches in May.

Mophie Powerstation Go

Mophie’s revealed a brand new powerbank at CES 2020. Dubbed Powerstation Go, it can charge your gadgets and it can also serve as a portable jump starter for an SUV or full-sized car.

The Powerstation Go provides a whopping 44,000mWh of power and includes mini jumper cables that will come in handy if your car requires a jump.

In addition, it comes with a built-in flashlight, a wireless charging surface for Qi-based devices like iPhones, AirPods and other gadgets, dual 2.4A USB-A ports, and a a 115V AC output port.

The new powerbank comes in several colors including black, blue, blue/purple, gold, rose gold, and camo and retails for $160.

You can buy the Powerstation Go through ZAGG’s website starting on January 9th.

Brydge Pro+ Keyboard with TrackPad

Brydge has announced a long-awaited update to its popular Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro.

The Brydge Pro is one of our favorite iPad Pro accessories, so we’re extremely excited about its upcoming successor (dubbed Brydge Pro+).

The new Brydge Pro+ delivers the same impressive build quality, Bluetooth connectivity, zero to 180 degree viewing angle, and backlit keys, but you also get some upgrades including a new multi-touch trackpad that works in conjunction with iPadOS 13’s Assistive Touch features.

Bridge Pro+ will launch for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and comes in Space Gray. As for the price, the Brydge Pro+ retails for $199.99 for the 11-inch model and $229.99 for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Otterbox Anti-microbial Screen Protector

Otterbox has announced a brand new screen protector, with a twist, at CES 2020.

The company’s new screen protector will help prevent scratches and it will also (here’s the twist) help prevent the spread of germs. It’s the first iPhone screen protector with integrated antimicrobial technology registered at the EPA.

We don’t have a release date or pricing yet, but the company says it will arrive “soon.”

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CES 2020

Google Assistant: Everything That’s New from CES 2020



Here’s everything that’s new from the Google Assistant in 2020. Each year Google’s home products get better, smarter and more helpful, and at CES 2020 Google announced a slew of software changes and AI smarts to improve your house and daily life.

Unlike last year, Google didn’t build an entire amusement park and roller coaster at CES, but they do have a big presence and took a moment to announce all types of helpful changes to a wide array of Google Assistant-enabled products.

Here’s everything that’s new and what to expect from your smart home devices in 2020 and beyond.

The Assistant had a lot to say and show us this year, more than just answering questions or making phone calls for you. Google is working hard to make the setup process easier, help entire households communicate, or even let you listen to the Google Assistant read an entire webpage back to you. It’s all pretty neat although Google didn’t say exactly when we’ll get all these goodies.

  • Easier & Faster Smart Device Setup: When setting up a smart device from a manufacturer other than Google (like Lenovo or JBL) you’ll see a notification or suggestion to “finish setup within the Google Home app” to make things easier. This skips much of the setup, account credentials and more.
  • Hey, Forget What I Just Said: Privacy remains a big priority, and this year Google is making it easier for users to delete the entire Assistant history, recent communications, or even your last question. Just say “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you this month.” Or, when you’re talking and your smart speaker wakes up when you didn’t want it to, you can say “Hey Google that wasn’t for you,” which makes Google delete the last thing you said, and stop listening to the conversation.
  • Webpage Reading Out Loud: This next one is awesome. Google will soon let the Google Assistant read an entire article or webpage out loud, for you, and to you. Just say, “Hey Google, read this page” and it’ll start reading any webpage in over 40 different languages, auto-scroll, and even highlight the current place on the page. I can’t wait for this feature!

  • Sticky Notes: Later this year you’ll be able to leave yourself little sticky notes, instead of asking Google to remind you about something. Tell your smart display “Hey Google, leave a note that says I left to get the kids” etc, and it’ll show a digital note on the screen for you or other family members to see. Perfect for leaving yourself a note, or to simply say “I Love You” to a significant other.
  • Scheduled Actions: Life continues to get easier with Scheduled Actions. You can ask the Assistant to turn on the TV at 5:30 PM when you get home or set the coffee machine to brew a cup at 6AM when you wake up.
  • More Appliances & Products: In 2020 Google will keep pushing the Assistant into more devices. This morning the company confirmed over 20 new devices will join the Assistant and Google Home club this year. Everything from coffee machines, washers, dryers, more refrigerators, and even your bathtub — seriously.
  • Better Interpreter Mode: Last year Google added Interpreter mode, but they’re making it better and more helpful in 2020. Your smart display can translate a conversation between two people each speaking a different language. Now, more businesses and brands jumped on board. Including American Airlines, HSBC banks, Vegas hotels, and many others around the US.
  • Speed Dial: Later this year you’ll be able to use your smart display to quickly and easily call numbers you frequent thanks to Speed Dial. You can use your voice or even a button on the screen to instantly call a friend, family member, or husband/wife.
  • Far-field Android TV Support: Your smart TV from TCL, Hisense and others will get a little better later this year thanks to far-field mic support. Basically, you’ll be able to talk to your TV like you do a smart speaker, even from far away, and it’ll actually work. This is a buggy area on TV’s and Google is about to make it far better.
  • Assistant coming to Samsung TVs: And finally, the other big announcement is that the Google Assistant is coming to Samsung’s new voice-enabled Smart TVs in 2020.

Unfortunately, almost everything announced at CES 2020 in January is coming “later this year” and that’s about all we know. Last year, some of these features arrived in March during the yearly Google I/O developer event, while others didn’t show up until the fall with the release of Android 10.

Basically, get excited about more Google Assistant features, but don’t expect them to hit your device for a little while. We’ll update this article once we know more.

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CES 2020

2020 Vizio TVs: OLED, 85-inch P Series Quantum + Gaming Upgrades



The 2020 Vizio TVs pack in a ton of important upgrades including a new Auto Game Mode that switches your TV to the best settings when gaming. There’s also a Vizio OLED TV for the first time, the new 85-inch P Series Quantum and a Smartcast 4.0 update + a voice remote.

What you need to know about the 2020 Vizio TVs.

What you need to know about the 2020 Vizio TVs.

Vizio highlights the new IQ video processors and a new gaming engine powered by a 1GHz processor in the TV. This processor powers the new gaming engine and upscaling content to 4K.

The Vizio P Series X Quantum is available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and new 85-inch models. These top of the line options offer up to 3,000 nits peak brightness and 800 nits full-screen brightness. There are up to 792 local dimming zones for even better blacks and brighter highlights. The panel also delivers more color.

In the P Series Quantum, you get the new IQ processors as well as 240 zones of local dimming, 1,200 nits peak brightness and Quantum Color. The P Series Quantum is available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes.

The P Series Quantum X and P Series Quantum both feature a new Voice remote that allows you to use voice control on your TV by holding a button. This is part fo the Smartcast 4.0 update.

Vizio is also bringing its first OLED 4K TVs to the market with the new Vizio OLED Quantum Color models. These are available in 55-inch and 65-inch and offer deeper blacks “infinite contrast” and excellent viewing angles.

The 2020 Vizio M Series Quantum, which is one of the best value models last year, now packs in the Vizio IQ Active processor, HDMI 2.1 ports, AMD FreeSync and Variable Refresh rates in 50-65-inch models. On the 55-inch and 65-inch models, you get 90 local dimming zones and 800 nits peak brightness.

The Vizio P Series Quantum X, P Series Quantum and M Series Quantum feature the new ProGaming Engine that delivers the best gaming experience when you are using your Xbox or PS4 to game, and then switch back to a cinema mode when you are using a streaming service or watching a movie on those devices. Auto Game mode is a big deal, and easy switching back to a viewing mode when you are done is a major upgrade.

With the 2020 V Series, shoppers can pick up  4K TV in 40-70-inches and get HDR support across the major formats, SmartCast 4.0, HDMI 2.1 and an IQ processor with V-Gaming Engine to deliver lower input lag, faster response time and auto low latency mode.

SmartCast 4.0 promises better search, more personalized recommendations and deeper voice control options through Google Assistant and Alexa with the Vizio SmartCast Mobile app updates later this year. SmartCast 4.0 will arrive on Vizio models back to 2016 as a free update later this year.

The 2020 Vizio sound bar upgrades include auto rotating speakers and HDMI connectivity on all models.

The 2020 Vizio sound bar upgrades include auto rotating speakers and HDMI connectivity on all models.

Vizio also announced new sound bars with a more modern design, many Dolby Atmos options and the Vizio Elevate sound bar includes auto-rotating speakers that point up for Atmos and swivel down for better stereo performance when listening to music or non-Atmos content.

All of the 2020 Vizio sound bars also include HDMI connectivity so that users get easier control of audio when connected to a TV with HDMI.

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