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Infinity Blade 2.0 Set to Roll Out Today



Epic Games is set to roll out Infinity Blade 2.0 today and from what I’ve seen in the pre-hype videos it looks impressive. I enjoy Infinity Blade quite a bit, especially on frustrating days when I need to wack on something just to relieve stress.

That said, Infinity Blade is more than just stress relief. Although I don’t do a lot of gaming on the iPad 2, the existing version (and now the new one soon to come) sets the bar quite high. The graphics are superb, even if the game play is a bit redundant after awhile. The game play also takes excellent advantage of touch on the iPad.

I’m actually intrigued that we haven’t seen more titles like this on the iPad platform given how long Infinity Blade has been in circulation. Apparently the update is rolling out in New Zealand which means it will sweep across the globe as the hours tick by.

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