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Instagram for Android Gets a Nice Update



Instagram has been very good about updating its Instagram for Android application and today marks yet another update for the popular photography application.

The latest update for Instagram for Android brings a number of fixes along with it that should help to address some of more problematic bugs that Android users have been seeing.

In addition, the update to the software also brings improved search functionality along as well.

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The full changelog looks like this:

• Improved search functionality
• Support for location data taken from Gallery images when geotag is selected
• Fix for HTC Sensation 4G freezing using tilt shift
• Improved support and bugfixes for devices using the Instagram advanced camera
• Addresses tilt shift issues on lower resolution images

This is a massive improvement over the last version, especially for those that use Instagram’s advanced camera.

Instagram for Android’s advanced camera, when enabled, allows users to shoot photos from within Instagram itself. This way, users don’t have to use the default camera on a device. It also automatically crops images which saves quite a bit of time.

The update also represents a nice improvement for those HTC Sensation 4G owners on T-Mobile who have been experiencing problems with the app’s tilt-shift affect.

Tilt-shift allows users to give photos a more realistic looking blur and better depth of field. These smaller effects can help users better tailor photos to their liking.

Best of all, this is yet another example of Instagram’s dedication to the Android application as a whole, something that many thought might not happen considering the app was bought by Facebook for $1 billion shortly after its release.

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