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Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature



Instagram for Android has been outfitted with a new update that brings along a new feature that is featured on Instagram for iOS but has been missing on the Android version of the application since launch.

With the latest update, Instagram for Android has been given the tilt-shift effect for supported devices, Instagram doesn’t say which ones, which will allow users to give photos a more realistic looking blur and better depth of field. These smaller effects can help users better tailor photos to their liking.

Users can now focus in on particular objects which is useful when there are lots of objects in a photo.

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In order to access the new feature, users will want to click on the little droplet icon that appears during the editing stage of the process. From there, the effects will be able to be applied to a photo.

It also appears as though Instagram has fixed an issue with the Samsung Galaxy Ace, otherwise known as the GT-S5830C.

While the Instagram for Android app got off to a slow start in the Google Play Store, the developers have been hard at work updating the software in an attempt to get it on par with the version found on Apple’s iOS operating system. The devs have also done a very diligent job of squashing bugs that have been found within the app.

Instagram  has grown to 50 million users, a milestone that was hit with the assistance of the Android application which launched just a few weeks ago. In addition, the app also gained exposure when it was purchased by Facebook for a cool $1 billion.

Facebook’s plans for the app remain unclear but so far, it has stuck to its promise of not interfering with the applications autonomy.

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