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Intel: 10 New Tablets Running Intel Chips Coming to Computex



Intel is promising that 10 new tablets will be arriving and debuting at the Computex trade show in Taiwan later this year that will run on its Atom-based chips in the latest battle against ARM in the mobile space. The move will see placement of Oak Trail processors, which is built on the Atom platform, be included in a number of tablets and Intel promises that we’ll see 35 tablets shipping throughout the year.

The lineup of tablets will include Windows, Android, and MeeGo systems according to Intel.

Intel has experienced an uphill battle in the mobile space. After selling off its ARM-based chip division to Marvell some time ago, the company has had little in-roads with getting Atom processors into mobile devices. ARM’s low power consumption while delivering high performance was seen as key in the mobile space.

Some view Intel’s attempt to co-develop the MeeGo operating system with Nokia as a stepping stone in entering the mobile arena again to compete with an Android-ARM partnership where a multitude of smartphones are shipping with ARM reference application processor designs made by Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, and others. While MeeGo is open source, a MeeGo-Atom software/hardware reference platform could help Intel enter the mobile space.

Computex will start on May 31.

Via: WSJ

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