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Intel Readying Android Netbooks?



I don’t think anyone will be surprised when this news is confirmed. A source is telling VentureBeat that Intel is working on laying the foundation for Netbooks running Google’s Android as an OS to be mass produced. 2010 looks like the likely target, but according to the source we might see this happen in 2009.

Again, I don’t think there is any surprise here.



  1. tal

    01/31/2009 at 8:17 am

    Hey Warner, Android is still struggling with coming up with any premium hardware beyond G1, and I have a feeling it will all blow in our face in the up-coming tech-mobile event in February. So now throwing a half-baked OS on netbooks, where Windows 7 is going to be the second coming, … I really doubt that validity of such a thing. If this is what Intel is doing they are deadly wrong.

  2. Kevin C. Tofel

    01/31/2009 at 8:18 am

    Actually, I *AM* surprised. Isn’t this the company backing Moblin, which is a competing mobile Linux platform? Hmm… wonder what this says about Moblin’s future…

  3. tal

    01/31/2009 at 8:22 am

    Moreover, Netbook users want to feel the full power of an OS rather than limiting themselves. Android compared to Windows 7 is not going to work not now and not in 2010.

  4. tal

    01/31/2009 at 8:26 am

    @kevin, you can ask around or read the forums but I think 6 months ago there was a hint Intel and Google will support Android on top of Moblin. Technically software layer wise it is not contradicting.

  5. Juan

    01/31/2009 at 1:45 pm

    Maybe it can have more sense that it seems to be. Think about linux in netbooks: after a year, most of the netbooks come with winXP. Most of the linux implementations that run on netbooks are a little bit more that a primary interface over a gnome desktop. I haven’t actual experience working with a netbook running linux, but I calmly assume that, sooner or later, it need some tweaks, massaging, minor hacks, etc., or learn to accept the idiosincracies of each different product that run under linux. I have to remark that I am a part-time linux user and I enjoy it, but it forces you to take an active approach for using it(or your linux user brother cousin, son-in-law, nephew, etc. will do instead of you).

    Android promise what linux (and even windows) is not: a so-called closed environment in which most common task are getting done. If new releases of android are more and more integrated with google cloud products, and if android’s browser offer a totally-utter-full experience, then it will offer a good solution for most of the smartphone or netbooks owners.

    Android has done what moblin or any other linux distro hasn’t had the guts to do: to close and reinvent all the primary interface with the user. Below moblin or Ubuntu mobile are the magnificent chaos of linux, and sooner or later it reaches the surface, aka it is perceived by the user.

    So, maybe the patience of Intel with Moblin or Redflag or whatever has been finished. And don’t forget that their original netbook definition was centered on save costs, which includes OS. Until now, WinXP costs were marginal, but I guess that it is hardly reproductible with Win7. And 50$ is a great save when you talk about netbooks, specially in a world crisis environment.

  6. Neoxeekhrobe

    01/31/2009 at 8:48 pm

    I hope this DOES not happens before Apple’s 9-10″ iPod Convertible.

    Can’t wait for that device and am very much hoping that it would be sexier than MBA. Can’t wait. :D

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