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New InvisibleShield Screen Protectors Kill Coronavirus



New InvisibleShield screen protectors kill human coronavirus.

You can add a layer of protection to your phone and your health with the new InvisibleShield Screen Protection with Kastus Anti-Microbial technology. This screen treatment is confirmed effective against human coronavirus and 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

These screen protectors were tested to ISO standards to kill up to 95% of human coronavirus in 30 minutes. You can buy these at Zagg for new iPhone and iPad models. Prices start at $44.99.

This is a potentially helpful tool to add to your phone, but it is important to note that this is not tested specifically against COVID 19, as there is no Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 consumer product testing available yet. The Invisibleshield screen protector can help keep your phone screen safe from human coronavirus and other common surface bacteria, but it does not directly protect you from exposure.

While not specific to Coronavirus, the CDC estimates that 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands, and another study found that up to 82% if common bacteria on a person’s fingers were present on their phones.

The InvisibleShield screen protectors bake in Kastus technology that lasts the life of the screen protector, so buyers don’t need to worry about the effect wearing off. This is done with a ” unique Photo-physical coating process fueled by ambient air moisture and light,” which means it never runs out of fuel. The surface disrupts the cell wall until it is eliminated. Kastus states that “bacteria cannot build up a resistance or immunity to Kastus coating technology and as the fuel source is unlimited, the protective antimicrobial power is ‘always on’ through the lifetime of the product.”

“At InvisibleShield, we are driven by our mission to deliver industry-leading screen protection products for mobile devices that also protect our customers’ well-being,” said Patrick Keenan, vice president, global product for ZAGG Brands. “There has never been a stronger need to protect against bacteria and viruses that are known to accumulate on our mobile device screens. Through our partnership with Kastus, our anti-microbial products not only provide the ultimate in digital wellness, but now also protect consumers against the human coronavirus.”

You can find these screen protectors at Zagg and soon at carriers and retailers. The screen protectors include a lifetime warranty that replaces it if it is worn or damaged during the life of your device, you just need to pay for shipping.

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