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How Long Will the iOS 11.2.5 Update Take?

How Long Will the iOS 11.2.5 Update Take?

We don't know the exact size, but the iOS 11.2.5 update will probably be much smaller than iOS 11.2. 

The first iOS 11.2.5 beta was nearly 2GB, but we don't expect the final version of the update to command that much space. 

iOS 11.2.5 looks like it will be just a little bigger than your standard bug fixer which means it'll probably be a few hundred megabytes. 

You can expect iOS 11.2.5 to take a minute or so to download over high speed Wi-Fi and 5+ minutes to install on your device. Your exact download and installation time will be based on your device and your current version of iOS.

If you're upgrading from older software like iOS 11.2 or iOS 10, your iOS 11.2.5 installation will take a little bit longer because it'll include features and fixes from the iOS updates you missed.

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  1. Adso Rossi

    01/05/2018 at 4:01 pm

    Let’s hope this time Apple forgets about “new features” and just works on stability and performance….would be about bloody time.


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