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iOS 7 Beta Reveals More iPhone 5S Details



The iOS 7 beta is full of information about the rumored iPhone 5S, revealing code for a Fingerprint reader and now possibly showing details about the Apple A7 processor that will likely début inside the iPhone 5S this fall, including a surprising partnership.

The iPhone 5S will likely use a new Apple A7 processor, which rumors indicated would come from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Industry watchers saw this as Apple moving away from Samsung as the rivalry between the two companies grew.

Further evidence of the split appeared in mid July when news that Samsung would join up with Apple again in 2015, after the iPhone 6 release appeared. This report again pointed to an iPhone 5S without a Samsung powered A7 processor.

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The iPhone 5S could use aSamsung made Apple A7 processor, based on information in the iOS 7 beta.

The iPhone 5S could use a Samsung made Apple A7 processor, based on information in the iOS 7 beta.

A new analysis of the iOS 7 beta 4 release by Nick Frey, shared with 9to5Mac, reveals code that points to Apple A7 processor support, adding to the speculation that the iPhone 5S will use a new Apple A7 processor this fall.

The report shows an Apple A series processor which is very likely the Apple A7 processor, and a further analysis reveals that Apple is working with Samsung for this A7 processor.

The iOS 7 beta contains code that hints at a Samsung manufactured Apple A7 processor in the iPhone 5S.

The iOS 7 beta contains code that hints at a Samsung manufactured Apple A7 processor in the iPhone 5S.

9to5Mac reports that this new chip contains Samsung components to power the display, and could contain more. The report also cites a source who says Apple was able to push past roadblocks relating to the processing speed of the A7 and A8 processors.

Apple is reportedly using the A7 processor in the iPhone 5S which would put the Apple A8 chip in the rumored iPhone 6 for 2014.

While this is a surprise in the sense that it flies against the flow of rumors, it is not completely out of line. Apple is reportedly using Samsung for the iPad mini 2 Retina Display because other suppliers cannot deliver the quantity and quality Apple demands.

As the iOS 7 beta approaches a rumored Gold Master and September release more details about possible iPhone 5S features are making their way into the code. We could see additional details in early August when the iOS 7 beta 5 release could arrive.

Earlier this week, Hamza Sood discovered the iOS 7 beta 4 includes references to a fingerprint reader in the iPhone home button. This matches up with multiple iPhone 5S rumors that claim Apple is planning to improve security of the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint reader.

Rumors suggest the iPhone 5S release will arrive in late September with a similar design and 4-inch display, but with an improved camera and a dual LED flash.



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