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iOS 8.2 Release Date Gets Closer



iOS 8.2 is inching ever-so-closer to its inevitable release as Apple has issued the fifth beta to the upcoming iOS 8 update to developers, which includes several bug fixes, as well as support for the Apple Watch.

This beta version isn’t as telling as past beta versions we’ve seen with iOS 8.2. The fourth beta included the addition of a new Bluetooth settings that hinted at a dedicated app for the Apple Watch, which we eventually learned more about through leaks.

Of course, the Apple Watch app isn’t yet available for anyone, but we’re guessing we’ll see it pop up to developers as we get closer and closer to the release date of iOS 8.2 and the Apple Watch.

iOS 8.2 will be a rather big update, mostly because it will be the first iOS 8 update to support the Apple Watch, as the betas have included the WatchKit software development kit thus far, allowing developers to create apps for the new wearable.

iOS 8 will also be the first version of iOS since 2010 to include a x.2 update, with the last time being on iOS 4 when Apple released iOS 4.2 as an update.


However, it doesn’t like iOS 8.2 will be a very big update as far as new features and changes are concerned. The biggest new thing will be Apple Watch support, but that will obviously only be aimed at users who buy an Apple Watch when it releases at some point in April.

Although, we should expect the update to fix a lot of bugs and hopefully improve performance overall for iPhones and iPads, especially on older iOS devices like the iPhone 4s and the iPad 2, which are the oldest iOS devices that support iOS 8. For the most part, though, iOS 8.2 will be aimed at the Apple Watch

The company announced the Apple Watch back in September at its iPhone 6 event, and while it didn’t provide every single detail about the new wearable, there are quite a few details that we know so far.

While the Apple Watch takes a handful of cues from other iOS devices, it’s a wearable that practically redefines iOS in its own way. For example, instead of using pinch-to-zoom on the tiny touchscreen on the Apple Watch, you use a small dial that you turn in order to zoom in and out while viewing maps or other content. Pressing the dial, which Apple calls the “digital crown,” will take you back to the home screen.

Apple Watch

The user interface is still very iOS-like, though: you swipe to get different pieces of information, and swiping up from the bottom of the screen reveals customizable pieces of information, such as widgets. You can also look at your calendar from here and access your music.

The Apple Watch will come in three different models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, with two different sizes for each. There will also be six different straps to choose from, with a soft, quilted leather strap being an option, as well as a “supple” leather strap with a clasp, and even a stainless steel strap for the classy folks.

The prices for these three Apple Watch models vary, obviously, with the entry-level model priced at $350. That’s an official price from Apple, but other than that, there’s no official word on other prices for different Apple Watch models. Some rumors have suggested that the Apple Watch Edition, which will be made from 18-karat gold, will cost several thousands of dollars. This isn’t too surprising, as many watch enthusiasts will easily spend that much for a timepiece, but if you’re wanting to spend as little money as possible, be prepared to go with the entry-level model.

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1 Comment

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    02/02/2015 at 1:59 pm

    Give it a rest!!!!!!! Just another glitchy update blahhhh blahhhh blaaaaaaahhhhh

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