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7 Exciting iOS 8.4 Update Details



iOS 9 Launch Alongside iOS 8.4

iOS 9 Launch Alongside iOS 8.4

It's not often that we see two iOS updates announced on the same stage and that's what has us so excited about WWDC 2015. We're most likely going to see the iOS 8.4 release announced alongside its successor, iOS 9. 

iOS 9 rumors have pinpointed WWDC 2015 as the launch pad and we're almost certainly going to see Apple outline many top features and perhaps, an iOS 9 release window as well. If Apple does announce an iOS 9 release window, then we'll know how long iOS 8.4 will stick around for. Apple isn't rumored to have an iOS 8.5 update up its sleeve. 

iOS 9 is expected to deliver new features but it's also expected to feature bug fixes and enhancements. This is big, especially if iOS 8.4 and whatever comes after it features problems. It's an update that iPhone and iPad users should be excited about.



  1. George Dries

    05/24/2015 at 5:28 am

    I sure hope the new releases get rid of the humongous battery drain that 8.3 inflicts!

    • Nathan

      05/29/2015 at 5:34 am

      I hope it does too! And hope it fixes the bug that sends the effective power text message

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