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iOS 8 Concept Video Shows Rumors In Action



A new iOS 8 concept shows off a rumored iOS 8 feature ahead of WWDC 2014.

Next week, Apple will take the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and kick off its annual developer conference, While WWDC 2014 will be aimed at Apple’s massive army of developers, the event will also likely play an important role for consumers. There, the company is expected to announce OS X 10.10 for Mac and iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, two software updates that have been rumored for several weeks now.

OS X 10.10 is expected to be a major overhaul for Mac users while iOS 8, the successor to iOS 7, is expected to keep iOS 7’s design in place and deliver a number of brand new features including a feature called HealthBook.

iOS 8 is rumored to include a Healthbook app that mirrors the look of Passbook. But instead of tracking tickets and loyalty cards, it will supposedly track a user’s health and fitness with multiple pieces of information in one place. The will likely use the Motion M7 processor in the iPhone 5s, and a similar one in the rumored iPhone 6 as well as connect to an iWatch or other accessories to measure health data. Below, 9to5Mac shares a mockup of what Healthbook could look like based on rumors.

This mockup shows what iOS 8 app Healthbook could look like.

This mockup shows what iOS 8 app Healthbook could look like.

Designs have taken things a step further today with a brand new iOS 8 concept that envisions what HealthBook could look like running on an iPhone or iPad. The concept, shared by ConceptsiPhone, comes from Jayaprasad Mohanan. Mohanan’s HealthBook concept can be seen in action in the video below.

The concept offers up the same card-like layout that we saw emerge with the mockup. It also goes into detail and shows what some of those cards could look like inside of the application. The overall design fits in nicely with the look of iOS 7 but again, this is just a concept and probably won’t look exactly like the real HealthBook inside iOS 8.

HealthBook is expected to be one of the integral pieces of the iOS 8 puzzle as Apple focuses in on user health. However, there’s no guarantee that it will be one of the iOS 8 features that Apple announces on stage at WWDC 2014.While Apple is will almost certainly detail most of the changes coming with iOS 8, it may opt to leave some announcements for later in the year. Siri, for instance, was not announced at WWDC and instead made its debut alongside the iPhone 4s later in the year.

iOS 8 is also expected to include several other additions including improvements to Siri and the Notification system, public transit for the Apple Maps application, a standalone iTunes Radio application, and better sounding phone calls thanks to VoLTE support. Apple’s iOS updates typically come with hundreds of new features, big and small, and these likely only represent a fraction of what’s coming inside Apple’s new iOS update for iPhone and iPad.

New iOS software always accompanies a new iPhone and with iPhone 6 rumors pointing to an arrival in the fall rather than in the summer, iOS 8 may follow in the footsteps of iOS 7 and enter the beta program ahead of its release. iPhone 6 release date rumors point to an arrival in August or September though nothing has been confirmed.

Verizon VoLTE is coming in 2014 and may come to the iPhone 5s with an iOS 8 update later this year.

Verizon VoLTE is coming in 2014 and may come to the iPhone 5s with an iOS 8 update later this year.

The update will likely arrive for a number of iPhones and iPads though the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 may be left behind on iOS 7. Apple typically keeps devices updates for three years before killing software support and both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 arrived with iOS 4 on board. Devices like the iPhone 4s and iPad 3 should get upgraded to iOS 8 though that remains unconfirmed at this point.

Apple announced today that it plans to stream the WWDC 2014 keynote live. The company’s keynote begins at 10AM PST on Monday from San Francisco.

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1 Comment

  1. Mabuhay

    05/27/2014 at 10:14 pm

    Really excited for the beta! I got a UDID registration at so I can activate iOS 8 on June 2!

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