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iOS 8 Video Concept Shows One of Apple’s Most Requested Features



A new iOS 8 concept shows how Apple could keep the overall look and feel of iOS 7, but deliver a major iOS feature that iPhone owners have asked for as far back  as 2012 — more customization.

Apple changed the look of the iPhone software last year with iOS 7 release, telling users to get with the new look or stick to old software. Apple is well-known for offering a good user experience on the iPhone, but it is always a dictated approach to how things should work and actions always work best when using Apple’s default apps.

A leaked document shows Apple was aware of iPhone user’s desire to customize the look and function of the iPhone soon after the iPhone 5 release. As we move closer to an iPhone 6 release date this fall there is still some hope that Apple will allow users to customize the iPhone some. Apple responded to this demand by offering the iPhone 5c in multiple colors and adding a gold iPhone 5s, but overall there is not a lot of customization on the iPhone.

A new iOS 8 concept includes a look at how Apple could stick to the visual look of iOS 7, but add new features and some customization to the iPhone software in 2014. Apple is taking the stage at WWDC 2014 on June 2nd when we expect to see the official look of iOS 8, but this new concept offers an early look at what Apple could deliver if it listened to the request for more customization.

iOS 8 Video Concept: Customization

this two-and-a-half-minute iOS 8 video concept from Ryan Gilsdorf shows a new look for the Control Center with faster access to information, the ability to customize the look of app icons and essentially theme the look of iOS 8 in a variety of ways so that users can make the iPhone their own without the need for an iOS 8 jailbreak. The iOS 8 video also brings the rumor of a better Siri to life.

The most intriguing part of this iOS 8 video concept is the customization that it shows, even without the need for actually supporting iOS themes. By offering access to an App Icon Preferences panel this concept shows how Apple could let users customize the look of an iPhone by controlling only a few options.

If you know what an app is based on the icon, turn off the text below it for a cleaner look, and add or turn off a drop shadow for even more control. This iOS 8 concept also includes the option to keep icon shapes bound to a traditional rounded square, a square with sharp corners or to turn them into a circle by dragging a slider across the screen.

Another way this shows how Apple could offer iOS 8 customization is by letting users show icons in full color or in a white minimalistic design. There is also a transparency slider to continue the customization.

This iOS 8 video concept focuses on customization.

This iOS 8 video concept focuses on customization.

While there are certainly a lot of iPhone users that would love to see more customization in iOS 8, it’s not a feature that we see Apple handing over to the user. Right now users need to jailbreak to get an iOS 7 Theme on the device. There is no iOS 7.1 Jailbreak right now, as it looks like the team behind the iOS 7 jailbreak is waiting to work on an iOS 8 jailbreak.

There are several other interesting features in this concept. The new Control Center takes up the entire screen instead of just the bottom two-thirds. This adds a widget area that shows album art or can show a calendar with upcoming appointments or a detailed forecast for the next several days. Parts of this information exist in the Notification Center on iOS 7, but one report claims Apple may change that feature to streamline notifications.

Users need to jailbreak for iOS customization options.

Users need to jailbreak for iOS customization options.

Another potential iOS 8 feature is a better Siri. This concept shows a smaller window when Siri is activated and includes the ability to edit what Siri thinks you said. Though many users don’t know about it, this is an option in iOS 7. The iOS 8 Siri rumors suggest Apple may combine technology from a company they purchased to understand phrases instead of just words. The Siri feature may also let users ask what music is playing and use Shazam to identify it for purchase in iTunes.

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It is unlikely that this iOS 8 video concept shows what Apple is planning to do with iOS 8, even if it nails the customization that iPhone users want. Instead expect the same look as iOS 7 with small changes to make iTunes Radio more prominent, fix Apple Maps and to make Notifications less confusing. We will likely see Healthbook app that tracks health, fitness and other activity information.



  1. Iphone6 needs

    05/16/2014 at 11:47 am

    Nothing to loose any sleep over lol needs a 4.7 to 5 inch screen with 441 or more ppi with 1980×1020 pixal and a faster ram of 2-3 gb!!! And last a 128 gb model as for colors the current one are good!!!

    • Mac

      05/19/2014 at 9:16 am

      Why exactly does it need 2-3gb of ram, just to have the same amount that Samsung has. iPhones don’t need that much ram they run their operating system amazingly with just 1gb of ram there is no lag at all, the games are always smooth doesn’t need much improving, I will agree on the screen resolution though :)

  2. Apple user

    05/17/2014 at 12:15 am

    Dont like this concept, it only adds clutterness, yet it mix use of control center with notification center. Moreover so called customization is just small changes which makes ios looks worse. If Apple do something inspired by this, I’m going to WP in a hearthbeat.

    • Mac

      05/19/2014 at 9:17 am

      I agree, I think the way ios7 looks and handles is perfect.

  3. Al

    05/18/2014 at 2:24 pm

    This isn’t keeping me as a customer. Sorry ios has lost the race and not willing to catch up. You can keep the baby boomers, I’m jumping ship. The mail app, the keyboard, dialer all needs a total revamp or allow 3rd party apps to be used as default.

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