iOS 9.1 Beta Problems: 5 Things That Need Your Attention
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iOS 9.1 Beta Problems: 5 Things That Need Your Attention



If you’re already on the iOS 9.1 beta or if you’re thinking about installing the iOS 9.1 beta ahead of the public release date, there are some things that you should be aware of.

In September, Apple confirmed the upcoming iOS 9.1 release with a release into its beta programs for developers and the general public. iOS 9.1 is the first milestone upgrade for iOS 9 and as such, it’s a far more exciting update than iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2.

We still don’t have an iOS 9.1 release date but with the release of iOS 9.1 beta 5 and Apple TV 4 release rumors pointing to October, we think we’re close.

Over the past month, we’ve heard good things about iOS 9.1 and its performance. That performance, and the update’s new emojis, make the beta a tempting install ahead of the public release. Many iOS users have already taken the plunge. iOS 9.1 beta isn’t perfect though.


iOS 9.1 beta problems have been emerging since its release in early September. This should come as a surprise to no one. Beta software is unfinished software and the point of the beta is to weed out problems ahead of the release for the millions of iOS users around the world.

Apple’s been fixing iOS 9.1 problems in the buildup to the final release but issues still plague iOS 9.1 beta and the iOS 9.1 beta 5.

With those iOS 9.1 beta problems in mind, we want to take a look a few things that will help if you do experience issues on Apple’s beta update and also a few things you need to keep in mind before you install iOS 9.1 beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

There Are iOS 9.1 Beta Problems

Before you take the plunge and install the iOS 9.1 beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, know that there are iOS 9.1 beta problems.

Apple prohibits Beta Software Program users from discussing the early software but that hasn’t stopped iOS 9.1 beta problems from surfacing on the web.


We’ve heard that the iOS 9.1 beta is the source of some common iOS issues. iOS 9.1 beta users are complaining about abnormal battery drain, issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, issues with Bluetooth connections, issues with apps, and problems with sending messages. iOS 9.1 beta problems go beyond these common issues though.

According to iOS 9.1 beta testers, the latest version of the update is riddled with bugs. A list over at MacRumors forums outlines at least some of the problems plaguing the current version of iOS 9.1 beta, iOS 9.1 beta 5:

  • Control center is still stuttering at the very end on iPhone 6 (same as Beta 4)
  • Scrolling, for example in is still stuttering (same as Beta 4)
  • Spotlight (swipe down) is still stuttering (same as Beta 4)
  • will open past Airplane mode. (same as Beta 4)
  • Bug when after some time Apple Music/iTunes etc. will default to Clean only. Even when Restictions are off.
  • 3D Touch latency on homescreen in Light and Medium setting (occured in beta 3, fixed in beta 4 and bug is back in beta 5)
  • Scheduled DND from/to times overlapping or spacing issue.
  • STILL BLANK for some (see screenshot)
  • Messages: Animation missing when tapping on Edit and then Cancel (the messages will just pop back)
  • AirPlay stops broadcasting when screen is locked.
  • Notification Center: Mail messages that have been read or deleted still show in notification center. When pressing “Clear” nothing happens and they stay. Only go away upon full phone reboot.
  • Brightness: for some users brightness will fluctuate between dim and bright in random intervals. With auto-brightness off

We’re calling these out because we want prospective iOS 9.1 beta users to be aware of these issues before installing the update. You’re taking a risk installing the iOS 9.1 beta and you’ll want to be prepared.

To help, we’ve put together a list of things to do before installing iOS 9.1 beta on your phone or tablet. If this is your first beta, take a look at those. They should help.

iOS 9.1 Beta Feedback

You should be digging into feedback about the iOS 9.1 beta update. It’s important for those of you that are thinking about installing the software and it’s also important for those of you who have already installed the update.

If you want to get a handle on the iOS 9.1 beta update’s performance on your device, YouTube is an excellent place to start. We’ve seen tons of testers post their feedback about various versions of the iOS 9.1 beta.


MacRumors forums are also a great place to poke around for feedback on bugs, problems, and performance. This thread is dedicated to the iOS 9.1 beta 5 and this thread is dedicated to iOS 9.1 beta as a whole.

We’re also seeing iOS 9.1 beta users post feedback about the update (a lot of it positive) on social media sites like Twitter.

This feedback will help you determine if the features that come with iOS 9.1 beta outweigh the potential for problems. They’ll also help you to prepare for potential issues with the public version of the iOS 9.1 update.

Fixes for iOS 9.1 Beta Problems

In this case, Apple’s discussion forums aren’t going to be a solid resource for help with iOS 9.1 beta problems. Apple doesn’t want beta testers discussing the iOS 9.1 beta and that’s why you’ve seen limited feedback about beta updates and their issues.

If you do run into problems with the iOS 9.1 beta, our list of fixes for common iOS 9 problems should help you. It doesn’t include a fix for every single iOS 9.1 beta problem but it does touch on some of the more common issues we’ve heard about in the weeks since the initial release.

How to Downgrade from iOS 9.1 Beta

If you run into problems with the iOS 9.1 beta, and you can’t fix them yourself, don’t panic. You have another option at your disposal.

iPhone 6S Plus iOS 9.0.2 - 5

You can downgrade to the iOS 9.0.2 update if things get too crazy. We’ve put together a guide that will show you how to do that. Apple won’t stop signing off on iOS 9.0.2 so this downgrade will always be available to you.

Remember, you can’t downgrade to anything older than that. Apple’s closed off the downgrades to iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.0.1.

Public iOS 9.1 Release Date Close

At this point, we’re not expecting Apple to release an iOS 9.0.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Not with an iOS 9.1 release date rumored for October.

We still don’t have an iOS 9.1 release date but all signs are pointing to an arrival in October either before or around the Apple TV 4 release date. You’ll need iOS 9.1 to setup the new Apple TV with an iOS device so the timing makes sense.

With an iOS 9.1 release date this close, you’ll have to really think about the iOS 9.1 beta 5 and how much it, and its features, are worth to you.

We’ve put together a guide that outlines some reasons to try the update and some reasons to skip iOS 9.1 beta altogether. Take a look at them if you’re on the fence about the iOS 9.1 beta ahead of its public release date.

3 Reasons Not to Install iOS 9.1 Beta & 5 Reasons To Do It

Install the iOS 9.1 Beta If Your iOS 9 Performance Stinks

Install the iOS 9.1 Beta If Your iOS 9 Performance Stinks

If you're on iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 9.0.2, and you're not getting the kind of performance you wanted or expected out of the software, you might want to try out the iOS 9.1 update ahead of its release. 

We've been hearing good things about the iOS 9.1 update for several weeks now. Developers are saying that the update, and its performance, bring noticeable improvements over the iOS 9 GM and the iOS 8.4.1 update that Apple delivered earlier this year. 

We're hearing that these improvements aren't just limited to one device or a small collection of devices. Instead, it looks like they impact most if not all of Apple's iOS 9 powered phones and tablets. 

Enhanced performance isn't guaranteed but there's a good chance an upgrade to the iOS 9.1 beta 5 might improve your experience. If you're interested, we've put together a guide that will show you how to get it on board right now. 

And remember, you can always downgrade to iOS 9.0.2 if you don't think it's improving anything on your device. 

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