iOS 9.2 Release Date: 5 Things to Get Excited About
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iOS 9.2 Release Date: 5 Things to Get Excited About



New Safari Extensions

New Safari Extensions

iOS 9.2 is also coming with a few features that we're extremely excited about. 

The iOS 9.2 update should bring new extensions to Safari that will save you some time. MacRumors recently outlined the changes in the screenshot seen here. What you're seeing is a third-party extension for 1Password inside of Hipchat inside Safari. This is just one example. 

This change is going to be extremely useful to those of you that use services like 1Password or LastPass because you'll be able to login quicker using these new extensions. 

You'll also be able to use a long press on the Reload button inside of the Safari View Controller within an application to request the desktop version of a site or load the site without any content blockers enabled. 

These are small changes but they're going to be extremely useful for those of you that use Safari as your main browser. 



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