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iOS 9.2 Release Date: 5 Things to Get Excited About



Bug Fixes for iOS 9 Problems

Bug Fixes for iOS 9 Problems

iOS 9.2 is going to bring some new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but it's also going to bring some bug fixes for lingering iOS 9 problems. 

Developers testing the update have found a laundry list of bug fixes on board the iOS 9.2 beta and Apple could add more ahead of the iOS 9.2 release date. If you've been dealing with iOS 9 problems, there's a good chance iOS 9.2 will fix your issue. 

Here is a running list of bug fixes on board the current version of iOS 9.2 beta. 

  • 3D-Touch - lag on homescreen (iPhone 6s Plus) on light and medium setting fixed
  • App Switcher - fixed a bug where the icon of the 3rd app on the app switcher would not appear until you scrolled towards it
  • Dynamic Wallpaper - screen no longer flashes black when switching to home screen from the app switcher
  • iCloud Drive - search inside folders and subfolders is fixed
  • Settings - settings scroll bug is fixed; however, it occasionally flashes the search settings field briefly before coming into view
  • Spotlight Search - pull down overlapping home screen icons is fixed with a workaround, increasing distance between icons and search bar.
  • Un-paring and re-pairing the Apple Watch will no longer cause the Stocks glance to go missing.
  • Syncing Music to the Apple Watch has been fixed.
  • An issue impacting audio quality when playing audio over USB in some car stereos has been fixed.
  • A bug with iCloud Keychain has been fixed, so users should no longer see "Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain" errors.
  • Videos with 'folw' track associations will no longer fail to play on 32-bit devices.



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