iOS 9 Release Date: 9 Things You Can Count On
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iOS 9 Release Date: 9 Things You Can Count On



iOS 9 Announcements on September 9th

iOS 9 Announcements on September 9th

The iOS 9 that Apple showed off at WWDC 2015 was an early version of the software. You can expect the company to show off a more polished version of the update alongside new hardware during an event next month.

The company hasn't sent out invites to an iPhone launch event yet but we already know that the company is planning to host a launch event on September 9th. The information comes from a trusted source that's been accurate with iPhone launch information in the past. 

There, the company is expected to showcase the iPhone 6s, a new Apple TV and probably iOS 9 as well. We expect Apple to recap iOS 9 and its features and perhaps, showcase unique features coming with its new hardware products. 

Apple's launch event should also provide a concrete iOS 9 release date. iPhone launch events almost always come with an iOS release date and you can count on the same thing this year. 

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