iOS 9 Release Date: 9 Things You Can Count On
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iOS 9 Release Date: 9 Things You Can Count On



iOS 9 Release Date in September

iOS 9 Release Date in September

With an iPhone 6s launch date all but confirmed for September 9th, we can now narrow the iPhone 6s release date even further.

The iPhone 6s release date should come some time between September 9th and September 28th. September 28th is the end of Apple's fiscal year and the company typically gets its new hardware out on shelves before the end of the quarter.

With an iPhone 6s release date probable for September, we can also count on an iOS 9 release date for September. Apple typically releases its iOS updates for older devices a couple of days ahead of the iPhone release.

September 18th and September 25th are the most likely candidates for the iPhone 6s release which means that you should be expecting an iOS 9 release for older devices on September 16th or September 23rd. Again, Apple usually puts a two day gap between the two arrivals. 

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