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iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 Review



Last Monday, Apple released a new iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new update delivers the company’s new Apple Watch application and it also brings tons of enhancements and fixes for lingering iOS 8 problems. In the past week, we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s new software and today we want to share our full iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 review.

When Apple announced the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 in the fall of 2013, the two devices were running the company’s iOS 7 update. In the year or so since their release, the two devices have been upgraded with numerous iOS upgrades including Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system. Apple continues to improve iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad ahead an iOS 9 release and last week, the company trotted out a massive upgrade for those that have made the move from iOS 7 to iOS 8.

Last week, Apple pushed out iOS 8.2, its seventh iOS 8 update since iOS 8.0’s arrival back in September. It’s much larger than a standard incremental bug fixer and it’s an update that many iPad users have their eyes on as we push through March.

The iOS 8.2 update’s main purpose is to deliver support for Apple’s new Apple Watch but the update also brings a ton of enhancements and bug fixes for lingering iOS 8 problems. The Apple Watch app is for the iPhone only but that doesn’t make the iOS 8.2 update for iPad any less important.

iOS 8.2 is an incremental update but as many iPhone and iPad users know, incremental iOS updates can have a huge impact on the performance of a device. Often, that impact is positive and other times it’s negative. We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about Apple’s new update but we’ve also heard about iOS 8.2 problems as well.

With all of that in mind, I’ve been taking a look at Apple’s iOS 8.2 update on a number of devices including the iPad mini 2, Apple’s second-generation iPad mini. Today, I want to offer some feedback to those that might be leery of the update and to those that are already on iOS 8.2. This is my full iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2 review and it will attempt to answer the question that we’ve received many times over in the past week: Is iOS 8.2 worth installing on the iPad mini 2? Let’s find out.

iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 Review

From last Monday all the way up until today, I’ve spent a ton of time with iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2. The iPad mini 2 is not my daily driver but it’s a device that I use during travel and when I need a smaller screen. Before getting into this detailed review and my detailed impressions, I should note that mileage is going to vary from device to device, person to person.

That is to say, I probably don’t have the same apps installed and there’s a chance that I use Google Chrome, play more games, and use my home screen more than you do. So, consider this a general guide as you try to decide whether iOS 8.2 is worth installing on your iPad mini 2. I’m only one man and I encourage you to gather as much feedback as you can before installing iOS 8.2.


In the past week or so, I’ve encountered several issues with my applications. Thing is, those issues have been isolated to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5. My app experience on the iPad has been very solid and I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary on the iPad mini 2.

Google Chrome, an app that’s been driving me nuts on the iPhone, has been performing fine after the move to iOS 8.2 on the iPad mini 2. I’ve seen one crash in the past week. By comparison, the app has crashed upwards of 10 times on the iPhone 6.


Google Hangouts, YouTube, Asana, Slack, Instagram, Twitter, Dark Sky, Spotify, Netflix, and Google Maps are all working fine. I play most of my games on the iPad Air but the games I do have on the iPad mini 2 (Angry Birds and Tiny Wings) are both stable after transitioning from iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.2.

My experience with these apps doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t run into problems. App performance can vary from device to device, person to person, so you’ll definitely want to grab more feedback before making the move to iOS 8.2, especially if the iPad mini 2 is critical to your schoolwork or job.

If you do happen to run into issues on iOS 8.2 or below, try reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, get in contact with the developer, especially if the app is critical to work flow.

iOS 8.2 Battery Life

Some iPhone and iPad users are experiencing abnormal battery drain after shifting to iOS 8.2. And while problems might exist, I’m not noticing anything out of the ordinary on the iPad mini 2.

I’ve used the iPad mini 2 extensively over the past week, way more than I normally do, and I’ve yet to encounter any issues. The device holds an excellent charge when in use and the standby battery life is still holding up nicely. This was important this past weekend because I was traveling and wasn’t always near a power source.

The complaints that I have seen about iOS 8.2 are isolated. That is to say that I haven’t seen any widespread complaints about battery issues on the iPad mini 2 or any other versions of the iPad.


It’s important to note that I take great care of my iPad mini 2 and all of my devices. I keep my apps updated, I monitor battery life like a hawk, I turn the device off occasionally, and I follow a number of our other tips to maintain great battery life. I also used the iPad mini 2 in Airplane Mode when I didn’t need a connection.

I recommend taking a look at those if you’re noticing battery drain on your iPad. iOS updates aren’t supposed to cause problems and often times, it’s a rogue app or your bad habits causing the issues.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & LTE

The iPad mini 2 in my position features AT&T LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi. Both of those are essential when I take this slate out into the wild and both connections have been performing admirably in the days since the iOS 8.2 release. AT&T’s network still offers excellent speeds when I need them and I haven’t noticed any dropped Wi-Fi connections or slow speeds.

I don’t use Bluetooth as much on the iPad but when I have needed to pair the device, it has paired normally. I’ve tested it on several Bluetooth devices including speakers and headsets and it’s doing fine after the iOS 8.2 upgrade.

iPad Tips and Tricks - iPad mini

iOS connectivity issues can pop up at any time. You could see them a day after installing, you could see them a month down the road. If you do run into them, you’ll want to consult our list of fixes for common iOS 8.2 problems on iPad.

Those fixes are a great starting point for those of you dealing with issues after the move to iOS 8.2 or any other version of iOS. Wi-Fi issues are common, I’m just not seeing them on my version of the iPad mini 2. At least not yet.

Bugs & Issues

While I’ve stumbled upon some annoying problems with the iOS 8.2 update on iPhone 6 and iPhone 5, I haven’t run into any serious problems on the iPad mini 2. I’ve been on the hunt in the past week and nothing has jumped off the page. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t bugs on board, it just means I haven’t run into any on my slate.

There are a number if people that are dealing with iOS 8.2 issues though most of them are isolated and small. I haven’t heard about any major problems affecting the iOS 8.2 update and that’s a very good sign, especially now that we’re a week removed from the iOS 8.2 release date.


iOS bugs have a funny way of sneaking up on you in the weeks after an iOS release so there’s definitely a chance that I’ll notice something as we push away from the iOS 8.2 release. If I do see something, I’m definitely going to consult this list of fixes. You should too, even if you haven’t installed the update yet.


I haven’t run into any issues with speed after making my move to iOS 8.2. The update is fluid and I haven’t experienced any random lag or sluggishness, even when the device is under duress. I don’t expect this to change given that iOS 8, as a whole, has been smooth throughout.

Is iOS 8.2 Worth Installing?

If you’re dealing with iOS 8 problems on the iPad mini 2, I think it’s worth the risk. I haven’t run into any issues and the iOS 8.2 update comes with a number of key bug fixes and enhancements that I think are worth loading up onto your iPad mini.

If you’re not dealing with any problems, I suggest waiting a few more days for the smoke to clear before making a decision. Most of the iOS 8.2 feedback I’ve seen has been positive and given that iOS 8.2 is primarily a bug fix update for the iPad mini 2, there’s no reason to rush into things. Take your time and then make your move. It’s a good update but you don’t need to install it this moment, especially if your device is necessary for work or travel.

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