iPad Pre-Order Ship Dates Start Slipping; France & Germany Sold Out
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iPad Pre-Order Ship Dates Start Slipping; France & Germany Sold Out



In the U.S., ship dates for customers who pre-order the new iPad have begun to slip, with select models now showing a March 19 ship date, rather than the March 16 ship date that was promised if customers had pre-ordered sooner. The slip in ship and delivery date only affects some models of the iPad, and it appears that demand for the AT&T iPad models with LTE built-in are most affected by the later promised delivery date in the U.S. whereas Verizon’s LTE model appears to still be shipping on March 16, depending on configuration selected.

Up north in Canada, all models are now listed with a delivery date between March 16-20 and only the 64 GB WiFi-only model is promised a delivery date specifically of March 19 if customers order now.

In countries like Germany and France, it seems that Apple has completely sold out of its pre-order inventory and now lists a delivery date of March 22.

Apple is expected to expand its new iPad distribution to an additional 26 more countries, further constraining inventory and supply, beginning on March 23.

The new iPad promises a better graphics engine, high definition Retina Display, and 4G LTE (for models with built-in mobile broadband) and with inventories constrained through the early days of pre-order, it appears that Apple has generated heavy demand for its tablet.

Despite Verizon having a larger 4G LTE coverage footprint in the U.S., it appears that iPad-hopefuls are turning to AT&T’s LTE model as that one is showing heavier demand–at least by deduction due to the slip in ship date. One reason may be that AT&T offers 3 GB of data for $30 per month whereas Verizon only offers 2 GB of data for the same price. The $30 price for mobile broadband data seems to offer the most value to users. iPads with 4G built-in from both carriers will be 3G world ready, meaning that they will be able to roam on 3G and 2G networks globally.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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