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Turn the iPad Pro Into a MacBook With This Stunning Keyboard



Turn your iPad Pro into a Macbook with this beautiful Bluetooth keyboard from Brydge.

At CES 2016, Brydge finally spilled the beans on the iPad Pro keyboard it announced back in December. The gorgeous BrydgePro can be purchased right now and it immediately becomes a target for those looking to bridge the iPad and the MacBook.

The BrydgePro for iPad Pro is a premium aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that brings the company’s Macbook-style keyboard to Apple’s new 12-inch iPad. The new accessory features a multi-angle hinge, Bluetooth 4, back lit keys, three months of rechargeable battery life,  and a size that simulates the iconic MacBook keyboard from Apple.

The keyboard isn’t light and it checks in at 1.6 pounds. As the company notes, this is lighter than a MacBook Air.


The BrydgePro is available right now though only for pre-order. Brydge is charging $190 for the BrydgePro for the iPad Pro. To make up for the BrydgePro’s April release date, the company is throwing in a Leather Carry Case for free. The case normally costs $99.

Brydge’s iPad cases are some of the best iPad cases out there and the BrydgePro will almost certainly be one of the best cases for Apple’s new product line. To pre-order, head to Brydge’s website.


In addition to the new BrydgePro, the company’s also announced a brand new case for Apple’s iPad mini 4. Like the BrydgePro, the new BrydgeMini is made out of aluminum and it comes in all three iPad mini 4 colors (Gold, Silver, Gray) to match the slate.

The keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery and backlit keys. It’s not a full sized keyboard and weighs 0.66 pounds.

The new BrydgeMini is up for pre-order with a release date in January. The company is offering a special promotional price of $99 that applies to pre-orders. The price will go up once the company releases the case to the public later on this month.

5 Exciting iPad Air 2 Cases

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

iPad Air 2 Smart Cover

The iPad Air 2 Smart Cover is an official Apple iPad Air 2 case that  protects the front of the iPad and leaves the back open so you can show off the color option and keep the iPad Air 2 nice and slim. 

This is a polyurethane design and is available in seven colors including bright options like green, pink and orange. When in use it connects with magents to the edge of the iPad Air 2 and detaches with a pull when you don't need it. 

There is not much thickness to it and you can use it to prop the iPad Air 2 up for watching videos or making video calls or to prop it as a keyboard for typing. 

$39.99 at the Apple Store

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1 Comment

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