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iPhone 5 Already Cloned With Android OS in China



It looks like even before Apple has even had time to officially announce the new iPhone, Chinese cloners are already working hard to clone the ‘new iPhone’ ahead of its released. Using information garnered from numerous leaks, the Goophone’s claim to fame is that it blends in the iPhone 5‘s design–perhaps Goophone should consult with Samsung to fully understand Apple’s wrath before releasing this clone number–including the iPhone 5’s two-toned design.


Unlike the rumored real thing with its high resolution Retina Display panel spread over a 4-inch screen, the Goophone I5 makes due with a 3.5-inch display. On the rear, rather than the traditional shiny silver metallic Apple logo, you’ll instead be greeted with a Honeycomb logo.

Images of the Goophone I5 were posted on TechCrunch

Specs-wise, it’s unclear what the Goophone I5 will accommodate internally, but for Android users who are hoping to have a little bit of Apple’s patented rectangular smartphone design with rounded corners, this one may be a nice alternative from the variety of Android designs out there.

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