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What the iPhone 5 May Look Like: Our Favorite iPhone 5 Mock Ups



Few people will know what the iPhone 5 will look like until Apple announces the next iPhone and provides a solid release date. This doesn’t mean we haven’t seen a fair share of mock ups that imagine what the iPhone 5 will look like.

Many of these artist renderings and videos are to the extreme, and include features we couldn’t imagine on a phone so thin, but others are closer to reality. My favorite iPhone 5 mockup is about as likely to be the real iPhone 5 as Steve Jobs is to come out of retirement. We’ve

rounded up our favorite takes on what the iPhone 5 will look like, and what features it might have. We expect an iPhone 5 release in October, possibly on all four major cell phone carriers.

iPhone 5 – Slim Is In

iPhone 5 mock up

iPhone 5 mock up with thinner design.

We think the iPhone 5 will have a larger edge to edge display and a thinner design. In our mock up you’ll see a thinner iPhone with an edge to edge display. There’s no tapered back, but we’re guessing that the glass is gone and a metal back returns.

Tapered iPhone 5 Mock Up

iPhone 5 mockup

This iPhone 5 Gets Thinner at the Bottom.

One of the first iPhone 5 mockups we saw was first posted on ThisIsMyNext. This new tapered design uses the same design ideas that allows the MacBook Air to get so thin at the front. By placing all the thicker parts at the top, the next iPhone could have a super thin base. In this rendering, we also see a larger home button on the iPhone and an edge to edge display.

iPhone 5 Website Leak

iPhone 5 leak

This iPhone 5 Leak Isn't Real, But it is Beautiful.

This iPhone 5 website leak isn’t legit, but it is one of the nicest looking fakes we’ve seen. This iPhone 5 rendering has a curved back that looks great, thin design and an edge to edge display. The person behind this fake, offered up some potential specs as well, suggesting we’ll see a dual core A5 processor, up to 64GB size, 8MP camera and aluminum back.

iPhone 5 With Laser Keyboard

My personal favorite is the impossible to deliver iPhone 5 prototype with a laser keyboard and holographic display. Instead of bringing an eternal keyboard, swipe down on your keyboard to turn your table into a full size keyboard. If you want to watch a movie, the holographic display delivers a larger screen. Oh, and it’s all super thin. Sadly, none of these features will arrive on the iPhone 5, aside from a thin design, so you’ll have to wait to play holo-chess on your iPhone.

iPhone 5 Designed from Case Leak

iphone 5 mock up macrumors

What the iPhone 5 May Look Like.

MacRumors commissioned a design company to come up with what the iPhone 5 may look like based on leaked cases. Cases traditionally leak out before the iPhone is announced, and in the past have been pretty close to the real deal. This model has an edge to edge display, larger home button and rounded edges. The larger home button may be there to support gestures that allow you to switch between apps.

iPhone 5 in Color

iphone 5 in colors

Could the iPhone 5 look like this, and come in colors?

NAK design studio came up with a new take on the iPhone 5 that takes cues from the curved and colorful iPod Nano. These colorful iPhone 5 mockups go beyond black and white, but that’s not the only set of differences. The curved top and bottom as well as a flat black back come together nicely. Even though this is a departure from the past design, it beg’s the question, would you buy this iPhone 5?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Enoel69

    08/28/2011 at 4:56 pm

    As an Android man who is eagerly w8n 4 the ICS new Nexus…i like a lot of things abt the iPhone. I like the iPhone 5 Designed by Case Leak better. Will like to see Apple come out with a device like that. 

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