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iPhone 5 Infographic Predicts Features



There are too many iPhone 5 rumors to count as we approach the rumored iPhone 5 launch on September 12th.

It’s not difficult to find iPhone 5 leaks and rumored features, but it is tough to pick the features Tim Cook is most likely to announce at the new iPhone launch event. compiles the rumored iPhone 5 features and asked several writers including iDownboadBlog, Cult of Mac and others to weigh in on which features could grace the new iPhone. The ratings are averaged to show which features are most likely.

While I’m not represented on the infographic below, I share my opinions on these potential new iPhone features below the great looking infographic.

iPhone 5 Features Rumor Infographic

Larger Screen – 100% – Based on the leaks, including our iPhone 5 engineering sample, and consumer demand, I believe Apple will deliver a larger display.

New Design – 90% – Again, our engineering sample shows the new design, and I don’t think Apple will use the same design for a third year. I’m expecting a taller and thinner iPhone 5.

New Dock Connector – 80% –  There’s certainly enough reason to switch to a smaller dock connector, and leaks to back it up, but I’m not totally convinced that Apple will make this major change.

Relocated Headphone Jack – 80% – If Apple switches to a smaller dock connector and new design, this should also arrive.

More Powerful Processor – 100% – I will be very surprised if Apple doesn’t offer a faster processor. I’m not counting on a quad-core processor, like the rumored A6 processor, but comfortable speculating that the A5X processor with quad-core graphics will be part of the new iPhone.

More RAM – 75% – The iPhone 4S runs fast on 512MB of RAM, but I believe Apple will increase the RAM to 1GB.

Better Camera – 50% – I’m not convinced we’ll see a major upgrade to the camera. Leaks point to a similar sensor, that takes up less space.

NFC – 10% – With the recent damper on NFC technology I think we’ll see Apple sit this out another round.

4G LTE – 100% – I don’t think Apple can skip 4G LTE for another year without losing out on upgrades and a selling point against Android phones.

Nano SIM Cards – 75% – In order to save Space Apple is likely to use the new Nano SIM design for the iPhone 5.

Bluetooth Connectivity to the iPad or iPod – 50% – While I would love to take a call on my iPad or answer with an iPod Nano watch, I’m not sure Apple will introduce this functionality with the iPhone 5.

September 12th Launch – 90% – With Apple Insiders weighing in on the rumored September 12th launch date I’m just waiting for the invites to go out.

September 21st iPhone 5 Release Date – 90% – If Apple shows off the new iPhone on the 12th, a release on the 21st is also very likely.

October Release Date – 10% – Unless the 12th comes and goes with no word of the new iPhone, I still expect the iPhone 5 in September.

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