iPhone 5 Buyers Don’t Care: Debt, Sex and Upgrades

As the iPhone 5 release date approaches, surveys claiming to let us into the minds of the iPhone 5 shopper are flooding our inbox.

The iPhone 5 buyer it seems, is driven into a buying frenzy by the mention of a September 21st iPhone 5 release date.

How bad is it? I’m no medical professional, but the diagnosis is not good.

If I believe everything these surveys tell me, the iPhone 5 shopper is willing to plunge himself into debt, go without sex for months, break contracts and wait in line for hours to own the iPhone 5 before their peers.

No Sex for 6 Months

iPhone 5 no sex

Why’d i give up sex for the iPhone 5?

According to a survey of just over 2,000 American males by CouponCodes4u, 61% of the respondents would give up sex for six months to be one of the first people to own an iPhone 5.

This sounds like a major trade-off, but the survey doesn’t provide insight into the sex life of the respondent. 15% of married couples did not have sex in the last 6 months to a year and 30% of people under 24 are still virgins.

It’s safe to say that some of these respondents aren’t giving up much for the iPhone 5.

When it does come down to giving something up, 39% of these respondents said they would sacrifice an inch of their penis size for the “bragging rights” of owning an iPhone 5 before their friends.

Bringing the survey home is the sad realization that after swearing off sex for six months and losing an inch of length, the real reason 67% of respondents want the iPhone 5 first is because they want to be “more attractive” to the opposite sex.

We’re waiting for the survey of American females to gauge the effectiveness of this strategy, but initial polling is not favorable.

Debt: The Perfect iPhone 5 Accessory

iphone 5 debt

Grab that credit card, it’s iPhone 5 release day!

In a separate survey of the American male bu CouponCodes4u, we also learn that the American male will gladly go into debt to own the new iPhone.

More than a third of this group spent over $1,000 on Apple products in the last six months, and based on responses many are willing to go into debt to buy the iPhone 5 on release day.

81% of this group admits to buying new iPhones on credit, not for the free warranty, but because they can’t afford to pay cash for the latest iPhone.

53% of survey respondents said they would buy the iPhone 5 on release, and of this group 73% stated they can’t afford the iPhone and upgrade fees.

There’s nothing sexy about debt, so it’s a good thing these users aren’t buying the iPhone 5 to be more attractive. According to the survey, 57% of respondents didn’t want to feel left out, while 39% said they, “loved Apple products.”

Upgrades and Contracts

iPhone boxes - iPhone 5 release date

More iPhones!

74% of iPhone 4 owners surveyed by TechBargains plan to upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it is released, which is no surprise considering most of these owners are out of contract.

64% of iPhone 4S owners who responded to this survey are willing to break contracts, pay out of contract upgrade fees or steal a family member’s upgrade to get the iPhone 5.

35% of iPhone 5 buyers plan to buy online on the iPhone 5 release date, while 10% are going to wait in line. I’d much rather give up a day of work to wait in line than make celibacy promises.

Of those users who are buying the iPhone 5, 38% are coming from a BlackBerry, while 32% of first time smartphone buyers in this survey are buying the iPhone 5. Only 22% of Android owners in this survey are switching for the iPhone 5.

Rumored iPhone 5 Features Draw Buyers

We don’t need to wait for the September 12th iPhone 5 announcement from Apple to know why shoppers want to give up sex, go into debt and upgrade.


Ready for the iPhone 5?

The TechBargains survey shows the top iPhone 5 features respondents want.

  • Longer Battery Life (93%)
  • Faster Processor (90%)
  • 4G (83%)
  • Bigger Screen (76%)

Based on the iPhone 5 rumors, these iPhone 5 buyers should be pleased on launch day. We expect to see an iPhone 5 with a thinner, taller design and a larger 4-inch display. Inside we expect Apple will deliver a faster or more efficient processor and 4G LTE connectivity. The video below explains the rumored iPhone 5 features in 2 minutes.

Check out our iPhone 5 coverage for the latest iPhone 5 release date news, rumored features and videos.

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