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iPhone 5 Video Render Offers HD Look at the Possible New iPhone



With all the iPhone 5 leaks we’ve seen, it’s not hard to put together the pieces to see what the phone look like.

The newest iPhone 5 video shows a render of the new iPhone from TechRadar. The video shows the 4-inch iPhone we’ve seen before, all put together in an HD video. The video shows the taller iPhone with a two-tone back and an overall design that looks similar to the iPhone 4S.

The video also shows the smaller dock connector and redesigned speaker grilles along the bottom of the new iPhone. The speaker grilles here don’t match the ones we’ve seen in the physical leaks. The video shows speaker grilles that look like the grilles on the bottom of the iPhone 4S, but with different sizes. The leaks we’ve seen have holes on the bottom aluminum for the speaker grilles.

The render isn’t perfect, but it does show the overall design of the iPhone 5 that we’ve seen already. It’s an interesting design, with some welcome changes. Some may find the similarities to the iPhone 4S disappointing, but  the bigger display and potential for 4G LTE should prove exciting enough to convince iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners to upgrade..

iPhone 5 Rumors

Apple will likely announce the new iPhone (probably not called the iPhone 5, as it is actually the sixth iPhone) on September 12 and release it on September 21. We heard earlier today that Apple may have only slightly improved the battery in the new iPhone, but that rumor is far from concrete.

iPhone 5 Render Based on Leaked Parts

We expect the new iPhone to have 4G LTE capabilities, and we already know that iOS 6 is ready to support a taller 640×1136 screen for the new iPhone.

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