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iPhone 5 Parts Video Shows Potential Design Changes



More iPhone 5 parts continue to leak as repair shops start receiving parts to fix broken iPhone 5 devices.

The latest leak, discovered by MacRumors, highlights the design changes between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, and shares more about the iPhone 5 dock connector.

Apple may launch the iPhone 5 at a major event on September 12th, and rumors suggest the iPhone 5 release will land 9 days later on September 21st.

Smartphone Medic, a phone repair company, shows off the iPhone 5 front glass panel and several internal flex cables in a new video. The video compares most of these parts to the iPhone 4S, showing how the new iPhone is different, if these parts are legit.

The Smartphone Medic employee compares the iPhone 5 front glass panel to the iPhone 4S, showing an increase in size as well as a slightly smaller home button and new placement for the proximity sensor and front facing camera. He also compares the potential screen size to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The flex cables back up the new iPhone 5 design leaks, changing the placement of several parts. In the first flex cable shown in the video, the headphone port moves from the main flex cable at the top of the iPhone, making an appearance later near the smaller dock connector.

Best iPhone 5 dock connector photo

Smartphone Medic claims this is the new 8-pin iPhone 5 dock connector.

The new dock connector cable shows off what the iPhone 5 USB cable could plug into. The employee claims this dock connector is for an 8-pin cable, but with a 9th pin for ground. The headphone jack is now to the left of the dock connector. There is no liquid indicator in the new dock connector, but the headphone jack indicator still exists.

The last cable shown includes a noise cancellation microphone, one that could improve Siri performance in loud environments.

The new iPhone., commonly called the iPhone 5, is expected to include a 4-inch display with 17 % more viewing area, a taller iPhone design and a thickness of around 7.6mm. Leaked iPhone 5 parts and rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE connectivity and a faster processor.

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