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iPhone 5S Launch Date Pegged for June 20th



With the launch dates of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 now in the distance and the focus now on their upcoming release dates, the next big smartphone launch of the year is likely going to be the new iPhone, presumed to be called either iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Rumors have suggested a summer launch and now, we have a specific launch date that has emerged in the form of June 20th.

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So far, a majority of leaks and speculation have pointed to Apple launching the follow up to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S sometime this summer instead of in the fall like the past two launches. Speculation has rested on a release date coming in July with a probable launch coming at WWDC which is typically hosted in June.

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 arrives April 12th.

The iPhone 5S launch is rumored for June 20th.

Recent rumors have indicated that Apple might be gearing up for a June launch as an allegedly well connected manufacturer is planning for the iPhone 5S arrival in June. Today, that bit has been backed by a specific date from magazine MacFan, courtesy of Macotakara, which claims that Apple may be planning an iPhone 5S launch date of June 20th with a release coming at some point in July. The cheaper iPhone would then hit shelves at some point during the month of August.

This rumor is far more credible than the June 29th date that we heard about as June 29th is a Sunday. June 20th is a Thursday. However, from what we’ve heard about the dates for WWDC, which is rumored for arrival earlier in the month, and given that Apple would likely use the WWDC platform rather than a second event shortly afterwards, this new June 20th date is a little bit fishy.

We should also point out that the magazine, MacFan, which produced the rumor, did so in its 20th anniversary magazine so it may have been trying to make a splash.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, just missing the HTC One.

The iPhone 5S will likely compete against the Samsung Galaxy S4.

All the rumors we have heard about the iPhone 5S launch though have suggested a summer arrival to take on the Galaxy S4, HTC One and more, so it’s also possible that this could pan out. Obviously, we won’t know until Apple sends out invites for an event.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be the company’s follow-up to the iPhone 5. Rumors suggest that it will be keeping the same design as the iPhone 5 but also attaching several upgraded features including a new processor, camera, iOS 7 and at least one killer feature that Apple hopes will help it battle the opposition.

Rumors have also suggested it could have NFC or a fingerprint reader, or both on board when it arrives.

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1 Comment

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