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iPhone 6 Plus: 5 Things to Know in October



The iPhone 6 Plus remains one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year thanks to trouble finding an iPhone 6 Plus in stock and long online shipment times, which means we’re back with five things buyers need to know as we move into October.

If you want the iPhone 6 Plus you can still find them occasionally in Apple Stores and in other retailers, but it’s not that easy. For users who really want to buy the big iPhone, now is not the time to give up hope and jump to a device like the Galaxy Note 4 just because the iPhone 6 Plus is out of stock.

Apple’s largest iPhone yet includes a 5.5-inch 1080P display, a big battery that lasts all day and then some, a new curved metal design and NFC for Apple Pay support. The iPhone 6 Plus dwarfs the iPhone 6 and it may not be for everyone, but if it looks like the phone for you, here’s what you need to know now.

Still Hard to Find iPhone 6 Plus in Stock

Here's how to find an iPhone 6 Plus in stock at a local store in seconds.

Here’s how to find an iPhone 6 Plus in stock at a local store in seconds.

There are several tools to help you find the iPhone 6 Plus in stock, and you can even set up notifications to get an email when your local Apple Store has an iPhone 6 Plus in stock, but it’s going to be an uphill battle.

You can use these tools, but it may be time to simply accept the wait and place an order, instead of waiting and waiting for a local store to get a shipment.

iPhone 6 Plus Orders Shipping in November

No matter where you place your iPhone 6 Plus order, you’re already looking at delivery in November, or maybe early October if you are lucky.

The benefit to jumping in and placing order now is that instead of playing the waiting game is that when Apple catches up to the demand you may get your new iPhone faster.

Plenty of iPhone 6 Plus Problems

Sometimes the iPhone 6 Plus is stuck in landscape mode on iOS 8.0.2.

Sometimes the iPhone 6 Plus is stuck in landscape mode on iOS 8.0.2.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a nice device, but there are many iPhone 6 Plus problems tied to iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.2. We should see an iOS 8.1 release this month that will fix many of these problems, but until it arrives be ready for;

  • Apps freezing and crashing
  • Being stuck in landscape mode
  • No quick access to camera from lock screen
  • Bluetooth issues
  • and more.

We expect to see fixes for the iPhone 6 problems arrive with new software update, so if you get your iPhone 6 Plus in late October it may come with the fixes already installed.

Thankfully app updates are finally arriving with support for the larger screen, which make most of our use look much nicer without blurry images.

Limited iPhone 6 Plus Deals Available

Most of the deals we are seeing focus on the iPhone 6, but you can still find a few iPhone 6 Plus deals if you are able to trade in an old iPhone.

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Get $200 to $300 if you trade in your old iPhone at Verizon. You need to order before October 15th, and the deal is good even if you don’t get your new iPhone 6 Plus until later November. AT&T offers $100 to $300 for your old iPhone and the offer is good through October 31st. T-Mobile will match these deals and beat some of them.

Walmart and Sam’s Club offer the iPhone 6 Plus for $279 and $277 respectively with no trade in needed. Walmart is doubling your old phone trade in up to $200 in total value through October 18th.

iPhone 6 Plus Cases Are Easier to Find

If you do manage to find the new iPhone in stock at a local store and buy one, it’s easier than it was a month ago to find good iPhone 6 Plus cases. Carrier selection is still on the slim side at some stores, but Best Buy offers a wide range of iPhone 6 Plus cases including the official Apple leather cases.

Check out some of our favorite cases below.

7 Awesome iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Cases

If you need an affordable iPhone 6 Plus case, Spigen is one of the best options you will find. Spigen offers a wide variety of iPhone 6 Plus cases from super thin to protective options and even a few iPhone 6 Plus wallet cases. 

The company also offers an iPhone 6 Plus case with a kickstand, which is an excellent way to easily use that big screen for movies, videos and FaceTime.

 Check out all of the Spigen iPhone 6 Plus Cases on Amazon starting at $7.99. 

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