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iPhone 6: Sprint Lease vs Sprint Easy Pay vs Contract Prices



Sprint offers the iPhone 6 with $0 down on Sprint Easy Pay and Sprint Lease programs that let you pay nothing for the iPhone when you pick it up, allowing you to pay for the iPhone over 12 to 30 months. Is Sprint Easy Pay or Sprint Leasing a good deal? We’ll help you decide if you should use the Sprint iPhone for Life plan or go with a standard Sprint two-year contract.

What’s better? The Sprint Lease, Sprint Easy Pay or a Sprint contract? The answer depends on how fast you need to upgrade, how much cash you have on hand and how you prefer to pay for your new iPhone. If you plan to stay with Sprint for two years or longer, this will also influence the value you get from each plan.

Figure out which Sprint iPhone plan and price is best for you.

Figure out which Sprint iPhone plan and price is best for you.

Traditionally companies like Sprint sold the iPhone at a major discount, locking users into a two-year contract for service. In this case the iPhone 6 price drops from $649 to $199 – a discount of $450 when you agree to stay with the carrier for two years. With this discount, users who want to leave before the end of a contract must pay a $350 early termination fee.

The new trend is to sell the iPhone 6 for $0 down, and to move the contract from service to a payment plan for the full cost of the iPhone. This makes comparing plans difficult and confusing for customers who now see too many choices when trying to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on Sprint.

Both Sprint Easy Pay and Sprint Leasing (also known as Sprint iPhone for Life) plans offer a monthly payment for the phone on top of the monthly payment for service. Sprint does offer different iPhone plan prices to users depending on the option they choose.

Is the Sprint iPhone for Life plan better than a contract?

Is the Sprint iPhone for Life plan better than a contract?

If you want to upgrade early on the Sprint Easy Pay Plan you need to add a $10 monthly Early Upgrade Fee within 30 days and pay that for 12 months. The Sprint iPhone for Life program offers no early upgrade option, but you can choose a 12 month lease to get the same fast upgrade cycle.

Sprint Lease vs Sprint 2-Year Contract vs Sprint Easy Pay Pricing

This compares the Sprint Lease vs Sprint 2-Year Contract vs Sprint Easy Pay pricing for the Sprint iPhone plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data. The values change with the Sprint Family Share, which depends greatly on the amount of lines you need. Even if you want to use a family plan, you can use this as a starting point to see where the value is. This is with a 16GB iPhone 6.

Sprint PlanDue at PurchaseActivation FeePhone Montly PaymentsMonthly ServiceTotal Cost 1st YearTotal Cost Two Years/ End of Payments
Sprint Contract$199.99$36$0$85$1,256$2,276
Sprint Easy Pay (24 Month)$0$36$27.09$50$961$1,886
Sprint Easy Pay (24 Month) Early Upgrade$0$36$27.09$60$1,081$2,126
Sprint Lease (12 Month)$0$36$30.00$50$996$1,956
Sprint Lease (24 Month)$0$36$20$50$876$1,716
Sprint Lease (30 Month)$0$36$18.00$50$852$1,668

For Sprint subscribers who plan to keep the iPhone 6 for two years the Sprint Lease or Sprint iPhone for Life plan is the best value. This is $560 cheaper than buying the iPhone 6 on contract.

Sprint Easy Pay vs iPhone for Life vs ContractIf you want to upgrade to a new iPhone every year the best option is the Sprint Lease or Sprint iPhone for Life plan with a 12 month option. This is $85 cheaper than the Sprint Easy Pay plan with the $10 early upgrade fee and upgrading in one year. That is before tax, which Sprint charges on the full iPhone 6 price with the Easy Pay plan. In San Francisco, for example, the tax comes out to $57. The iPhone for Life plan divides this out over the life of the lease for $2.37 to $4.75 each month.

The Sprint Monthly Lease for 30 months looks cheap in a two-year comparison, but that’s with six months of payments left that pushes the total price to $1,968 with no early upgrade option.

There is no need to choose the amount of data that you need, unless you plan to buy a Sprint Family Share plan that can complicate the pricing. The biggest reason to consider is how much you want to pay when you buy the iPhone 6 and how much you want to pay each month.



  1. Stash

    07/28/2015 at 7:16 pm

    The catch with lease – you need to return the phone at the end of the lease term. That knocks off resale price of the phone

  2. Ruthjtoney

    08/30/2015 at 11:26 pm

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  3. CrisL

    10/31/2015 at 3:47 am

    Sprint will also want you to buy insurance on leased phones, an additional 11.00 a month. If you damage your phone or lose it, you will have to pay for the full price of the phone, if you do not have insurance.

  4. zool

    12/04/2015 at 2:41 am

    A better deal than contract huh?

    You just happened to forget to add any data limit charges, only 1gb per month, then charged more as you go.

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