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iPhone 6s Design: 5 Beautiful Details



Similar iPhone 6s Design

Similar iPhone 6s Design

Other than the new iPhone 6s color the overall look of the iPhone 6s design will likely remain the same. One source tells Gotta Be Mobile that the iPhone 6s may be slightly thicker, but that it will still work with iPhone 6 cases.

All signs point to an iPhone 6s design that keeps the same curved edges and a very similar size. There are no credible reports that the iPhone 6s design will change the curves like we might see on an iPhone 7 in 2016.

In another year we could see Apple slim bezels again and change the overall look of the iPhone for more differentiation, but with an "s" release there is little evidence of major changes to the design.

This means you can also count on those same antenna lines on the back of the iPhone 6s and there is also a good chance that the camera will still stick out the back of the phone again.

Even if you cannot see it on the outside there is an important change to the iPhone 6s design that users will definitely appreciate...

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