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iPhone 6s Design: 5 Beautiful Details



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No Sapphire iPhone 6s Glass

No Sapphire iPhone 6s Glass

One of the iPhone 6 rumors that fell through last year was that the device would arrive with a Sapphire display. After Apple skipped the iPhone 6, it looked like the iPhone 6s design would include a Sapphire cover for the display that could put an end to scratches, but that does not look like it will happen this year.

Mark Gurman reports that Apple explored using Sapphire on the new iPhone, but will stick with the Ion-X glass that is on current models and on the Apple Watch Sport with that name.

Apple will add Force Touch to the iPhone 6s according to reports, but this is not likely a major factor in the lack of Sapphire as the Apple Watch with Sapphire supports Force Touch.

We expect the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will both share these design changes and similarities.

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