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iPhone 6s iOS 9.2 Update: 5 Things to Know Right Now



iOS 9.2 Bug Fixes

iOS 9.2 Bug Fixes

Know that the iPhone 6s iOS 9.2 update should come with some bug fixes for the flagship device including one that should eliminate an issue that's been bothering a lot of iPhone 6s users. 

According to the iPhone 6s users using iOS 9.2 beta, iOS 9.2 has improved the speed of Force Touch on the iPhone 6s Plus. Some users have been complaining about lag and it looks like the iOS 9.2 beta improves the feature. Hopefully this holds during the beta process. 

iOS 9.2 beta users have also outlined several other fixes that should improve performance on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus:

  • 3D-Touch - lag on homescreen (iPhone 6s Plus) on light and medium setting fixed
  • App Switcher - fixed a bug where the icon of the 3rd app on the app switcher would not appear until you scrolled towards it
  • Dynamic Wallpaper - screen no longer flashes black when switching to home screen from the app switcher
  • iCloud Drive - search inside folders and subfolders is fixed
  • Settings - settings scroll bug is fixed; however, it occasionally flashes the search settings field briefly before coming into view
  • Spotlight Search - pull down overlapping home screen icons is fixed with a workaround, increasing distance between icons and search bar.

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