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10 Key iPhone 6s Rumors



As we slip into July and the iPhone 6s release date draws closer a collection of key iphone 6s rumors continue to fill int he gaps about what we can expect from Apple later this year. All signs currently point to an iPhone 6s, not an iPhone 7, with many upgrades and a familiar design.

It’s finally to the time of year when we can start to see leaked parts. These alleged iphone 6s parts don’t confirm any new iPhone 6s features, but from the right sources they can pinpoint the most likely upgrades for the two new iPhone models.

With that in mind we want to catch you up with the latest iPhone 6s rumors that matter, and a look at what you might find when you upgrade to a new iPhone later this year.

The iPhone 6s release date will likely arrive just days after iOS 9, which Apple already confirmed is coming this fall. If you need to plan your upgrade, the odds are good Apple will stick with a late September release like they did for the last several years.

Here are the key iPhone 6s rumors you need to know about right now.

iPhone 6s with Force Touch Display

We continue to hear that Apple plans to upgrade the iPhone 6s display with a new Force Touch technology that lets users press harder on the screen for different actions. This is already on the Apple Watch and it is also on the new MacBook touchpad.

A new iPhone 6s display with Force Touch could add input options.

A new iPhone 6s display with Force Touch could add input options.

Bloomberg reports that iPhone 6s production is ramping up as suppliers begin making iPhone 6s units with Force Touch. The volume production of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with Force Touch should start in July according to the publications source.

With Force Touch users could push on the display harder to get access to a secondary menu item or action, adding to in game controls and simplifying access to some app options.

iPhone 6s Design

Recent reports suggested the iPhone 6s design would grow slightly to accommodate the Force Touch display, but a new report from 9to5Mac shows a new back panel for the iPhone 6s with a different internal structure, but the same overall width and thickness and the same basic iPhone 6s design as the iPhone 6.

This means most iPhone 6 cases and iPhone 6 accessories will work with the new iPhone 6s. The report also shows the same headphone location, Lightning connection and speaker opening. The source in this report left the door open to some changes to the iPhone 6s Plus model.

No Dual Camera Upgrade

One of the biggest recurring iPhone camera rumors is that Apple plans to add a dual-camera system to the back of the iPhone. This year the rumor is back in force, claiming Apple will upgrade the iPhone 6s with a dual-camera design that adds new features, but it looks like this is not the case.

The leaked iPhone 6s back panel only includes space for a single camera on the back and a circular flash, just like the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s Antenna Lines

Some users cannot stand the iPhone 6 antenna line breaks on the back of the phone. These allow the various parts of the iPhone to communicate with accessories, cell towers and WiFi. The leaked case published on 9to5Mac shows that the lines are still in place on the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Storage Rumors

We may still see a 16GB iPhone 6s, but another rumor suggests Apple is investigating a 256GB option.

We may still see a 16GB iPhone 6s, but another rumor suggests Apple is investigating a 256GB option.

The Korea Times reports that Apple is negotiating with Samsung to boost storage options in new iPhones. This could lead to a 256GB iPhone 6s model, but it is too early to tell if this will come for the iPhone 6s, or if it is an upgrade that will arrive with an iPhone 7 model in the future.

Apple currently sells the iPhone 6 with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage sizes. A second report from 9to5Mac shows an internal part that indicates Apple may stick with a 16GB iPhone 6s base model. Apple executive Phil Schiller recently talked about the benefits that iOS 9 will deliver to make using an iPhone with less storage feasible.

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1 Comment

  1. somya5

    07/06/2015 at 12:13 am

    Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrived back in September 2014. Now, it’s the time of its next iPhone model. Most of iPhone lover waiting for the next iPhone, which will be coming out with impressive features. According to some rumors, It’s named as iPhone 6S. You’re sharing such a nice information with us. I’m also an iPhone lover and waited for the latest news and updating related to the next variant of the iPhone. Thanks to share this information with us.

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