iPhone 6s Plus vs. iPhone 6: 10 Things to Know Right Now
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iPhone 6s Plus vs. iPhone 6: 10 Things to Know Right Now



Force Touch Display Likely

Force Touch Display Likely

The iPhone 6s Plus will reportedly come with a display feature that neither the iPhone 6 nor iPhone 6 Plus have. 

iPhone 6s Plus rumors continue to point to the addition of Apple's Force Touch technology. Force Touch, for those that don't know, is a feature that made its debut in the new MacBook and on the Apple Watch. It's not available on the iPhone. Yet. 

Force Touch technology allows a device to detect the difference between a finger tap and a hard press on the display. These gestures open up new features that aren't possible without it. 

On the iPhone 6s Plus, this could mean a harder push on the display to gain access to a secondary menu or secondary action. It could mean adding to controls for certain games. And it could mean simplifying access to some app options. There are a number of possibilities. 

We know that iOS 9 supports Force Touch and it's looking like this could be one of the iPhone 6s Plus' selling points and it's a feature that might draw you to the new iPhone rather than the old one. The only way you'll find out is if you wait for the iPhone 6s Plus to arrive.

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1 Comment

  1. Jeff

    08/23/2015 at 10:02 am

    This article is horribly written. Check when you’re using and not using the s’s and the +’s. Sheesh!!!

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