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iPhone 7 Release Date Prep Starts at Apple, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile



The iPhone 7 release date prep is starting at major carriers in the U.S. as they begin to court buyers who are looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

At the Apple Event we learned when iPhone 7 pre-orders start and all about the new pricing and options that buyers have — including new iPhone 7 colors.

While carriers aren’t talking about the new iPhone yet, they are clearly reaching out to buyers without saying iPhone 7.

All signs point to the iPhone 7 release date as early as September 16th, and there is a great chance you will be able to buy the iPhone 7 this week for delivery later this month.

iPhone 7 release date prep is in full swing at Apple and at carriers.

iPhone 7 release date prep is in full swing at Apple and at carriers.

Here is a quick look at the preparation that carriers are already posting on social media, changing their homepage for and taking small steps to get to the front of your mind.

Apple is already in on the prep for the iPhone 7 release date as well. A screenshot shows the Apple Hong Kong store listing iPhone compatibility for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This could be a fake, but it’s not the only slip up.

Apple’s PR team for Beats allegedly leaked new Beats wireless headphones options in a press email sent out too early. iGeneration shares that three new wireless Beats headphones will arrive alongside the iPhone 7.

Sprint reminds users that it is Upgrade Season with a short video on Twitter that reminds users to sign up for pre-order and deliver times of the latest phones.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on recall, it’s clear that Sprint is talking about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with this short ad.

AT&T is directing users to sign up to be the “first to know about new products,” with an email newsletter subscription on the home page.

iPhone 7 release date prep - 2

Once you click-through this, you’ll learn that AT&T is specifically talking about new Apple products. The sign up message is, “Yes! I would like to receive alerts about Apple® and AT&T products and services.”

This isn’t mind blowing, but it is another sign that AT&T can’t wait to tell you about the iPhone 7 that we expect to see on stage tomorrow.

Verizon is not talking about the iPhone 7 or any iPhone 7 deals yet, but it is directing customers to sign up for new information in replies on Twitter.

In some cases the carrier support is a little more straightforward, helping customers understand the iPhone 7 release date upgrade process.

T-Mobile isn’t talking about the iPhone 7, but on Twitter you will find reports from subscribers who claim T-Mobile is calling them to let them know about their iPhone 7 upgrade options.

The official TMobile and TMobileHelp accounts are dodging the questions on Twitter, which is pretty much expected from official accounts until Wednesday afternoon.

You can expect a huge increase in chatter from carriers on September 7th after the announcement.

Below you’ll find a list of the new iPhone 7 specs and iPhone 7 features leaked in a massive report from a reliable source.

9 Exciting iPhone 7 Specs & Features

Faster iPhone 7 Processor & More RAM

Faster iPhone 7 Processor & More RAM

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus performance get a boost with a new Apple A10 processor that is able to deliver more power than ever to the iPhone. With a new process involved Apple is able to hit 2.4Ghz of processing power.

Apple is set to include 2GB RAM on the iPhone 7 and 3GB of RAM on the iPhone 7 Plus. The boost on the iPhone 7 Plus is to handle the additional processing power the dual camera system needs.

An unverified Geekbench benchmark suggests the iPhone 7 performance will be up to 35% faster than the iPhone 6s. 

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