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Spooky iPhone Halloween Costumes for 2014



You need to check out these amazing iPhone Halloween costumes that will turn you into the life of the party using your iPhone to turn a mask or a shirt into more than just a scary face. It’s too late to order this for this year, but they look impressively spooky.

We’re not going to show you iPhone Halloween costumes that turn you into an iPhone. Instead this is a listing of t-shirts and masks with an opening for the iPhone that turns an ordinary mask or costume into something incredible.

Seriously, watch this video about the iPhone Halloween costumes you can use your iPhone in and you’ll understand the excitement, and why you should just skip the iPhone 6 bendgate costume you planned for one of these spooky iPhone Halloween costumes.

These aren’t just iPhone Halloween costumes, you can put an Android phone in as well to run the app that controls the eyes and other cool effects. You can check out the free iPhone app and free Android app. These apps and your phone let you make a hi-tech costume in minutes that will look like something right out of the movies.

There are seven iPhone Halloween costumes that include a detailed mask with a slot for the iPhone to animate it. The masks are $44.99 and include a Cyborg, Cyclops, Scuba Diver, Clowns and Zombies. Check out the Cyborg iPhone Halloween costume below, with an awesome eye and the rest of the options include a clown with a mouth full of mealworms and a pulsing zombie brain.

iPhone Halloween costumes - Cyborg mask

If the masks are a bit much you can go with a tamer and more affordable iPhone Halloween costume that delivers similar results. For $25 to $30 you get t-shirt that might be the best iPhone Halloween costume at the party. You open the free app, slide the iPhone into a hidden pocket and enjoy the crazy results from moving eyes, beating hearts and more.

One of the best options here is an Iron Man Halloween costume that uses the iPhone as a pulsing Arc Reactor. You don’t need to cut anything or mess with building your own crazy costume, just add your iPhone to this shirt and you’re practically Tony Stark. There’s also a Captain America iPhone Halloween costume option.

iPhone halloween costume - iRon man

For partiers who want to avoid comic heroes there are several other options from spooky to cute. Like the masks, these iPhone Halloween costumes feature a spot to place the iPhone or Android device that brings the costume to life.

  • Creepy Doll Face – Eye
  • Cyborg Shirt – Eye
  • Frantically Moving Eye – Eye
  • Cyclops T Shirt – Eye
  • Commence Awesomeness – Countdown
  • Frankenstein – Eye
  • Zombie – Beating Heart
  • Frantic Zombie – Eye Balls
  • Freaky Clown – Eyes
  • Adorable Kitten – Eyes
  • Haunted Mansion Portrait – Eyes

Most of these iPhone Halloween costumes are $25, but the licensed characters are a little more. A quick check shows most of these iPhone Halloween costumes are in stock and ready to ship.

Standard five business day shipping delivers the goods for $5 and there are two, three and next day options if you need the iPhone Halloween costumes quicker.

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1 Comment

  1. David

    10/31/2014 at 8:08 pm

    Hi just wondering how much we can buy these for if we buy 25 at a time? Also where and what you download for your phones. Cheers David

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