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iPhone Speeds Past 4G LTE Smartphone Sales at Verizon



Apple wasn’t the only one reporting sales figures today as Verizon also revealed its Q4 and 2011 figures and they are both pretty telling. Verizon’s CFO Fram Shammo announced that over the course of 2011, Verizon sold a grand total of 15 million Android phones while in the same period, sold 10.8 million iPhone devices. These numbers come just a short time after Verizon announced that it had sold 4.2 million iPhones during the holiday quarter.

In addition, Verizon also reported that it had brought in $18.3 billion in total 4Q revenues and added 1.2 million new subscribers.

As for the fourth quarter, Verizon actually ended up selling a few more iPhones then it previous reported. During Q4, Verizon sold 4.3 million iPhones which makes up about 55% of the 7.7 million smartphones that the company sold during the quarter.


Comparatively, the company sold 1.6 million 4G LTE smartphones, a large piece of the nearly 3 million devices not called iPhone (Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) that the carrier shipped off during the quarter.

So, overall, impressive growth for one of the nation’s largest wireless carriers which only figures to increase as its 4G LTE network expands. Verizon plans on finishing the roll out of its 4G LTE network by 2013 and already it’s miles ahead of its closest competitors.

AT&T’s 4G LTE network is only available in a fraction of the markets that Verizon’s is and Sprint has yet to get its network off the ground. The Now Network plans on launching its 4G LTE network sometime in mid-2012.

Its flagship device will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

There have also been rumors of an LTE powered iPad 3 as well as an LTE iPhone 5, neither of which should hurt Verizon’s revenue stream.

Verizon’s figures also come just a few short days after it became apparent that sales of the iPhone 4S had narrowed the marketshare gap between iOS and Android.

Needless to say, 2012 is already shaping up to be a highly competitive, highly intriguing year.


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