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iPhone XS Release Date Tips



Figure Out What to Do With Your Current Phone

Figure Out What to Do With Your Current Phone

If you're thinking about buying an iPhone XS later this year, make sure you come up with a game plan for your current phone ahead of time. 

For some of you, this will be easy. Maybe you know of a friend or relative who could benefit from your current device. For many others, this step will take some time. 

If you plan on selling your current device to help with the cost of the iPhone XS, you'll want to dig into prices at resellers like Gazelle and NextWorth and keep your eyes open for the best deal. 

You'll want to keep your phone in pristine condition because you'll get the most money back from those resellers and carriers themselves. 

If your phone is in good condition when the iPhone XS comes out you could get a sizable chunk taken off the price of the device at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or your favorite retailer. 

You might also research donating your phone to a charity. If your current phone is old and you won't get much cash back, you could give it to a cause like Cell Phones for Soldiers.

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