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iPhone XS Release Date Tips



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Don't Plan for an iPhone SE 2

Don't Plan for an iPhone SE 2

Throughout the last year we've seen iPhone SE 2 rumors point to a potential launch in 2018. There's a chance Apple surprises us with an updated version of the iPhone SE in September, but we wouldn't count on it at this point. 

The iPhone SE 2 rumor mill has slowed to a crawl this summer and that's not a good sign for those interested in an upgraded 4-inch iPhone. 

Virtually every single rumor and analyst prediction points to three new iPhones coming in September and none of them have a 4-inch display. 

Nothing is certain, but if Apple is indeed working on a successor to the iPhone SE, it might not arrive until 2019 or later. 

There's also a chance Apple discontinues the current iPhone SE model. Rumors indicate it could get scrapped alongside the original iPhone X. 

Those of you looking into buying a smaller iPhone should plan accordingly. 

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