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Ironpants Cheats Troll and Trick Users



Ironpants is one of the most popular Flappy Bird alternatives to rise to popularity this week, and with it come a huge interest in Ironpants cheats to get a higher score or invincibility.

We saw Flappy Bird cheats take off thanks to an easy to edit file on iPhone and Android, but from the looks of it getting a fake high score or using an Ironpants hack to remove obstacles is a bit harder.

Cashing in on the popularity of this game a collection of YouTube videos promise Ironpants cheats or Ironpants hacks for an easy high score or unlimited score. Ironpants is a free game available on iPhone and Android.

A growing number of Ironpants cheats videos on YouTube are using the game to pick on gamers.

A growing number of Ironpants cheats videos on YouTube are using the popularity to pick on gamers.

Most of the Ironpants cheats videos are harmless fun, but there are many that ask gamers to follow through on surveys and offers that remind us of the tricks used by jailbreak sits that trick users rather than deliver a product. Here’s what you need to know about Ironpants cheats.

Ironpants Cheats Videos

SugarBarbie11 offers a humorous guide to Ironpants cheats, leading users on with a cheat code before revealing the real cheat.

StevesCODvision offers up a long and drawn out joke telling users to open and close the app multiple times in this three-and-a-half-minute video.

DBGmurdock shares how to get a HIGH SCORE on Ironpants in a long humorous video that involves a dog, a red pants and a fire. This one is worth watching for the dedication alone.

Ironpants Cheat Warning

One thing that Ironpants gamers need to be on the look out for are videos promising Ironpants cheats with a link to download a tool to hack Ironpants on iPhone or Android using Windows or Mac. This tool might be legitimate, but the links ask users to trade their time or personal information for the download that can’t be verified as a real cheat.

Watch out for Ironpants cheats that ask users to do quite a bit.

Watch out for Ironpants cheats that ask users to do quite a bit.

It’s a good idea to skip these downloads given the recent Flappy Birds malware discovered by a security firm. It would not be surprising to see a similar issue taking place on these Ironpants cheat download files.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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