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Is Lenovo Trying to Get a 7-Inch LePad, IdeaPad Approved at the FCC?



Lenovo has submitted a filing for a tablet, though it’s still unclear what the features and specs of the slate is at this point.

The labels disclosed by U.S. regulatory agency the FCC designate that Lenovo may be naming these pads as either the LePad A1-07, a designation for China under the LePad branding, or under the IdeaPad brand elsewhere with the IdeaPad A1-07 model number. The ’07’ suffix can indicate that Lenovo may be prepping at a seven-inch version of the recently launched Android slates.

Though given that a Lenovo exec already said that new models of its slates will be coming later this year, the FCC filing could also be for refreshed slate hardware as well, despite the fact that the Android Honeycomb-powered Lenovo IdeaPad K1 was just recently introduced for the U.S. market.

Via: Engadget

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