Is Motorola Prepping to Cut Production of the Xoom?

You know how we feel about analysts’ predictions around here. There aren’t enough grains of salt to cover them all. In this case we’ve got Peter Misek of the Jefferies Investment Group saying that sales of the Motorola Xoom aren’t moving very well and that Motorola might just be planning to cut production.

Again, grain of salt time here, but this lines up with the reactions and comments from what we’ve been reading from folks who have the device and are using it (and in some cases returning it.) The “not-ready-for-primetime” and “released before its time” labels seem to have stuck. At the same time word is starting to spread that Motorola may finally be prepping its WiFi only version to go on sale for $500, which if true is probably some price-point recognition that is just a little too late in the game. Word is also popping up that Samsung may finally release its WiFi only version of the first Galaxy Tab at around $399. Again, that’s probably a move that should have happened sooner. And not just because Apple seems to have scored another hit, but because Samsung Execs have spent quite a bit of effort pushing the next model (albeit a different form factor) without setting a price on it yet.