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Is This The Samsung Galaxy S6?



The Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date is set for March 1st but it looks like we may have our first look at the Galaxy S6 and its design a few days before Samsung takes the stage.

Thanks to a user on XDA-Developers, we have a look at what could be the first glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy S6. The photos shows an unnamed device, reportedly from AT&T, that resembles what we’ve seen and heard from the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors and leaks. It’s still not clear if this is the real Galaxy S6 but the fact that it matches current Galaxy S6 design rumors gives it credibility.

Is this the Galaxy S6?

Is this the Galaxy S6?

The alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 appears in four photos that offer a glimpse at bits and pieces of the design. While the photos are indeed sketchy, they depict a device that appears to employ metal, and perhaps glass, two details that have emerged time and time again in Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors. The device resembles the iPhone 6 though thanks to button placement and the indent, we know that this isn’t Apple’s iPhone.

The indent on the side matches up with an alleged Galaxy S6 photo-op that showed off the device’s supposed metal chassis. That leak, which emerged out of China, featured all of the port placements and openings from previous Galaxy S6 leaks.

This alleged Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 prototype shows off a new rounded home button, something that’s been rumored several times in the past. Samsung is expected to deliver an improved touch-based fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6, one that can better compete against the Touch ID technology on board the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


It’s also worth pointing out that the front-facing camera on the front of this unknown smartphone matches up with the placement seen on various Galaxy S6 accessory leaks. Accessory makers have shown off a ton of Galaxy S6 accessories ahead of launch. And while they may not have the exact look of the Galaxy S6 down, they likely have many of the dimensions down.

All along, Samsung Galaxy S6 design rumors have pointed to the use of premium materials including metal and glass. They’ve also pointed to the use of a curved display on a Samsung Galaxy S6 variant.

These photos do not show off a curved device though a curved Galaxy S6 has been all but confirmed by several teasers from U.S. carriers. It’s possible that the device seen in these photos is the regular version of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Samsung is notorious for its tight security but this wouldn’t be the first time that that security has been breached. Last year, Samsung Galaxy S5 photos leaked out ahead of launch giving consumers a glimpse at the phone before it hit the stage in Barcelona.

While the leaked Samsung Galaxy S5 was indeed the final version, it’s not clear if what we’re seeing here is an early engineering prototype, the final version, or a well done fake. Here’s what the leaker had to say about the device in his hands:

As for Chinese clone, unlikely. Work gives me AT&T phones for work and we have a corporate account. This was sent directly from their HQ. It is at worst an early prototype but just received this week.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be a significant departure from previous Galaxy S releases. The device is expected to feature a new design in addition to heavily upgraded specifications including tweaked TouchWiz software over Android 5.0 Lollipop. The company is rumored to have stripped down TouchWiz to improve performance.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 release date is heavily rumored for March or April and we’ve already see one U.S. carrier confirm its debut for Spring 2015. Earlier this week, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all confirmed the Galaxy S6 release with AT&T noting that the device is expected to arrive in the Spring. Spring 2015 begins on March 20th.

Galaxy S6 release date rumors have yet to nail down a specific date though rumors have hinted at windows in late March and late April for an initial release. A more recent Galaxy S6 release rumor points to a release inside India during the second week of April after a lengthy pre-order process.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Judith James

    03/16/2015 at 8:25 am

    I am currently. Just signed with Sprint aftetbeing with Verizon and T-MOBILE. I am looking 2 get the S6 Edge understand there is no Sd card so a 32 gig is the least,
    I wish and seen all colors I am debating thr gold or the blue, and I just signed w Sprint I definitely want this phone. 2 replace my LG 2 Flex I have have all Galaxy. Phonesand want THIS 1 immediately can contact. Me asap.


    Thanks In Advance
    Mrs James. The 8987 THE
    8484598987 Edge S6 will be occupied by,

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